Wow, so behind on blogging. We’ve been quite occupied going here & there and if we’re not gone, we’re getting ready to go or do something else. It’s been fun. ๐Ÿ˜€ Unfortunately, I’ve been doing quite poorly at taking pictures lately. You’ll just have to imagine.

There was the week spent out in Illinois back during the second week of November (Yes, we go there alot). Lots of traveling, Action Selling workshop, hours of classtime, time spent with the cousin, more traveling, weekend in Ohio spent with family & friends, then rushing back in time for [our] last chorus program at church.

Got to see this little girlie and hang out with her mama. ๐Ÿ˜€

There was a week of catch-up time, and then the 3 day marathon of Bible Study, time spent with different sets of friends, helping with church girl’s club, volleyball league, taking one of our favorite couple’s pictures, rousing rounds of the Bean Game & delicious smoked turkey with the other young couples from church, making food for and then leaving for Bear Camp.

There were two days spent cooking with Elaine at Bear Camp. Whole ‘nother world in itself, let me tell you.ย  It snowed on Tuesday. It was so beautiful, but there were adventures trying to make it up back road hills to take the guys lunch. Sliding down snowy roads = eeeek! Twas fun to be there while it lasted, but I was happy to come back to my clean bathroom (outhouses just aren’t my cup of tea) and comfy bed. ๐Ÿ˜€ Derek got a 283 lb bear so the whole group was quite pleased. (Sorry, I didn’t get any bear pictures)

Two days after Bear Camp, there was Thanksgiving and a yummy meal down at the farm, rehearsal that evening, and Austin & Sonya’s wedding the next day. [I was pretty partial to the best man ;)] Insert sniffly nose, achiness, and general miserableness during all of this. (Ugh)

1. Bridal party: Mr. Best Man, Travis, Melissa, Alicia, Sonya & Austin, Christina, Amzie, Ben, and Carissa. 2. Wedding decor. 3. Cute sign.

And THEN, there was rifle season the following Monday and Tuesday. I went to Delaware to visit the sister-in-law and the friend who just moved there from Indiana. Much more fun alternative then spending those days at home by myself. Salad & tea & skinny chocolate with Sheri, and lots of talking, menus, coffee time, and shopping with Alyssa. Fun!

Jonathan shot a buck while he was hunting, so we butchered Wednesday. Happy for all the meat in our freezer, and so far it doesn’t taste wild or gamey at all. I hosted a girl’s brunch (so annoyed at myself that I forgot take pics!) on Thursday morning and Friday took care of these little boys and their brothers all day.

Friday night we headed for an annual New Creations cabin weekend (left at midnight — long story). Let’s just say being towed backwards up a slippery, steep mountain road is not my idea of a fun time — but to a big group of guys it’s great fun, especially at 2 am. Ha!! Good times with a FUN group of people. Games, great food, laughter, Signs, discussions, singing… and even more memorable times trying to leave on Sunday after more snow had fallen.

And now you’re all caught up… ๐Ÿ˜€ And I’m tired, just remembering all this. Happy Monday!


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