When we made our wedding guest list, I was reminded of just how many friends we are blessed with. It was extremely hard to decide who to invite. We just couldn’t invite everyone… as badly as we wanted to. (Non-Mennonite people’s eyes get really big when I tell them we invited 580 people)


Friends are such a blessing in our lives. We’ve so enjoyed spending time with people — in our home, in theirs, in coffee shops & restaurants, and at weddings. Jonathan & I both value our friendships individually, and have often talked about how different friends have impacted us in different ways.

There are those friends who are our “challenging” friends. Not challenging as in: we face challenges in relating to them, but challenging as in: they inspire and challenge us to pursue God more and to grow spiritually.

There are those friends who are our “loyal” friends. Those people that go waaaaay back and we’ve been friends with for as long as we can remember. We might not talk often or very frequently, but we can always pick back up where we left off.

There are those who are our “season” friends. We might be closer to certain people at different seasons of our life, because there is something that we both need in the friendship. Maybe we’re going through the same kind of situation and can identify very well to each other. Maybe we’re serving at the same ministry or living life together in the same season of our lives.

And then, there are those “kindred spirit” friends, as Anne of Green Gables puts it. These friends are the friends that you connect with, heart and spirit. You might not be the same in personality type or agree on exactly everything, but you just get each other. Something deep inside clicks. These kindred friends are not found in just anyone, so value them greatly.


What I love about friendships, is that each person has something different to offer. Lisa is your call-late-at-night-when-you-need-to-vent friend. Mandy is the friend who will faithfully pray when you are in need of prayer. Jasmine is your I-need-a-hug friend. Sara is your text-all-day-about-random-things friend. Jo is your Bible Study discussion friend. The list could go and on. Some of your friends might have many of these qualities.

I also love how friendships can be with all sorts of people. I am not limited to 24-year-old young married ladies who are exactly like me. I have friends who have four children, single friends who are living on the mission field, school teacher friends, friends that are way older than me, and friends that are living far away from me (OR, Canada, GA, AZ, etc).

Thank God for your friendships — they are valuable.



What quality do you appreciate most in your friendships?


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