Tidbits {I}

[I recently discovered this idea on a random blog and am changing it to fit my tastes] These posts will be made up of random, recent life tidbits. These things can be bits of grace, they can be funny things, they can be frustrating things. These are the thoughts and memories you gather throughout the day. I want to write about these things so I don’t forget; these years are a plethora of challenges and gifts and I want to remember it all.


Today’s happy thing was creating this:

I’ve been seeing tutorials for these huge canvases, and finally took the plunge and tried it. Super happy with how it turned out! I used this tutorial if you want to try it yourself. So simple — all you do is send in a picture to Staples or an office copy & print store, and have them print it (more like BLOW IT UP) as an engineering B&W print. (The cost was more than what the tutorial said — I guess our Staples is a little more expensive than theirs) Then you wrap it around a foam board, tape it down, attach a way to hang it, and voila you have an inexpensive, fun, HUGE canvas! It now resides on our dining room wall that has been empty ever since we moved here. I’d like to add a fun pop of color to the top of the wall — maybe a pendant banner or something.

And the smile when the husband saw it at lunchtime — well, that was the best part. πŸ˜‰


Enjoying listening to online broadcasts from Family Life Today and Focus on the Family while I work in the kitchen. The most impacting broadcasts I’ve listened to recently were on reaching out to your neighbors in hospitality (and how to do it), and on how to respond when we are wounded by those in the church. Excellent words to ponder.

Family Life Today — The Neighborhood Cafe

FOTF: Overcoming Wounds Inflicted By God’s People


More of this sprinkled throughout my week:

…as well as creating fun packages to send to friends.

Scripture is such a powerful gift to give.


That fish-out-water feeling that you get when you are plunged into a completely different setting. This was me yesterday at the neighbor man’s funeral. Just picture a plain, plain church, complete with hand-made woodenΒ benches and hat racks suspended from the ceiling. We parked in the “buggy shed” which appeared to have been used recently, despite the many black cars filling the parking lot. I file in the ladies side and Jonathan files in the men’s side. It’s a sea of black dresses and coats and sweaters. And there I sit in my purple checked coat, trying to decide if I should take it off and stand out in my white sweater, or if the purple is any less conspicuous. (To my defense, I was wearing a black dress) Jonathan felt rather out-of-place himself — I told him at least his coat was black. πŸ˜‰ We decided it’s a good reminder of how people who are not used to being in church could feel when they come to our church. How can we make people feel welcome and at ease?


This picture reminds me of a fun date a few nights ago. We walked in the lovely park of our cute little town and sipped lattes in the charming corner cafe. Unfortunately it was Halloween Parade night (we had no idea ’til we got to town) but we just avoided those streets and took advantage of the empty park and cafe while everyone else was occupied. Married dates are even more fun because you get to go home together.

I can’t help but see the neighbor lady’s wash hanging out on the line — she has washed her deceased husband’s clothes one last time. What if that were me? Thank You Lord, for dirty jeans.


We’re having company from Australia for lunch tomorrow. I’m mostly looking forward to their accents. πŸ˜‰

What tidbits have been sprinkled throughout your week?


16 thoughts on “Tidbits {I}

    1. Thanks Hannah! I also had this new header all designed and ready to go and unfortunately, I am out of photo space and can’t post it. 😦 (I am hosting my other pics elsewhere)


    1. It is literally the easiest project ever… the hardest part was probably uploading the picture and figuring out the right settings and all that. Super easy — I’d love to see a picture if you end up doing it yourself… πŸ™‚


    1. Lol, I will never forget LBS and your great accents… you would’ve loved hearing these guys talk. I got the biggest kick out of their expressions — things like “straightaway” and the “bloody school” and “good on you”.


    1. Oh yay yay yay!!!! And I can hardly get over the fact that we only live a little more than TWO HOURS from each other now. It’s enough to make me want to stow away in Sheri’s car and come see you!!


  1. loved reading your life’s tidbits..I was challenged about the part of making someone feel at ease in our church when they aren’t used to doing church..Its so easy to be in our own little world! love YOU!!:)


  2. Kristin, you did a stunning job on your ‘canvas’! I absolutely LOVE it! I’ve seen those ‘cheater’ methods on Pinterest but were never sure they actually worked. Seeing how yours turned out inspires me to make one. ~Rachel

    P.S. I spy with mine eye a familiar looking Confectionery sign. πŸ™‚ Looks great there!


    1. Thank you for the compliment, Rachel! You would enjoy making one of these “canvases” — it’s about the easiest project you could do. If you make one, be sure and post a picture! I’m all inspired to make more — probably smaller ones next time. πŸ™‚ Oh yes, the lovely sign given to me by a generous blogger… πŸ˜‰ we painted the wall red for the sole purpose of putting the Confectionary sign there. Thanks so much, again!!


  3. Love your canvas!!! I also love to listen to Family Life today and Focus on the Family podcast as I work. Will have to listen to those in particular. πŸ˜‰


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