Let All That You Do…

[You’re probably thinking by now, “What is happening to Kristin after months of silence??” It’s called inspiration. 😉 Every time I get these posting urges I think, now I’m going to keep it up and post regularly now. *chokecough* We’ll see how long it lasts]

I had this verse up on my chalkboard for awhile this summer. Such a good reminder.

I’ve been thinking lately about loving and blessing other people, and how do we do that well? For awhile I felt a bit lost — where do I start? I’m not going to church or working in my little village anymore [and I don’t have those years of acquaintances in town built up here], I’m not cooking at Hot Meals anymore, I’m not involved with kid’s club right now, I’m too far away from most of my old friends to take them out for coffee, I don’t really know my neighbors very well yet, and on and on. These may sound like excuses, but really, I’m still finding my way in a new community.

So I made a Serve.Bless.Encourage list for the side of my fridge. (It’s the side I can see when I’m standing at the stove making eggs in the morning)

I use it to jot down things I can do, here and now. A few examples: [only, my list has specific names]

Send a card to a friend in ministry.
Meet a new friend for coffee.
Make cookies for the neighbors.
Make Tomato Pie for family supper.
Text an encouraging verse to someone.
Make fall gift basket for pastor’s family.
Send a letter to a lady I’ve recently got to know in another state.
 Give biscotti to a church friend.
Visit neighbors across the road.

I’ve had this post in my draft folder for a couple weeks and just haven’t finished it ’til now. It feels even more relevant, in light of the phone call I received this morning. Our next door neighbors are an old Horning couple, and we’ve enjoyed being back and forth with them ever since we’ve lived here. They let us use their push mower and garden tiller, and we give each other garden produce and chat across the yard regularly. So when I answered the phone this morning, I was just expecting her to ask about the houseplants she’d offered to let me have a few days ago. No, she was calling to let me know that Aaron passed away last night around 10 pm. It feels especially shocking, because they were in a car accident and he suffered a stroke and bleeding on the brain. Not just your most normal scenario, so it feels extra shocking.
We are sad and will miss him.

It has made me reevaluate all over again — how am I loving the people around me? Life is too short not to live intentionally.


7 thoughts on “Let All That You Do…

  1. Kristin

    I look forward to reading your thoughts and all your posts. They are inspiring to me and sometimes let me realize just how blessed I truly am. It’s funny because there are times that I’m really feeling lost or down and all I have to do is think back to a conversation we had at work or something you have said and it instantly brings back a smile or makes me feel not so lost anymore . You are a true gift to everyone’s life you have ever been in.


  2. Jesus said his followers would be known by their love. Not the love they show to people around them – everyone does that. His followers would be known by their love to their enemies.

    So what do we do to show love to those miserable bastards that make our blood boil and steam come out of our ears? (I’m sure I am not the only one who sometimes struggles to bear fruits of joy and long suffering and peace and patience, especially when dealing with people whose lives are starved of the fruits of the spirit. It sometimes seems that the people who so desperately need to experience those fruits are the people we have the hardest time sharing them with. Loving the unlovable.)

    Not knowing anyone sounds like prime grounds for showing love. There will be no mistaking that your love in sincere, because you don’t know them.


    1. Good thoughts you have, Brian. You obviously know that showing love to your enemies is probably one of the hardest things you will ever do. But think of it this way — when you DO show love to unloveable people rather than responding in an unlovely way like our natural tendency is to do, it is going to make an impact. They might not admit it or show it outwardly, but that person *is* going to notice. And there you have a perfect opportunity to model Christ’s love, because only HE can give us the strength to love the unloveable.


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