Of October Days [Autumn is HERE!]

What do I love about Autumn?

Mums and pumpkins and cornstalks and Indian corn on my porch. *happy sigh*

Apple yumminess.

I did applesauce a couple days last week, and put some in the crockpot to cook down into apple butter. Oh the cinnamony, rich smells that filled my kitchen. Mmmm!

….And then I had fun finding my crafty side again. I haven’t done much of anything creative/crafty since the wedding — twas fun again! I’m giving these little apple butter jars away as gifts this season.

 The scents and colors and feel in the air.

I just love the cinnamon sticks scenting the air, the coziness of a candle, the bright orange & classic white of pumpkins, crisp air in the morning, that unique smell that only fallen leaves have (I may or may not be guilty of going out of my way to walk in leaves just to hear them crunch 😉 ), sweaters & scarves, and apple cider.

Pumpkin-y everything.

Lattes and cupcakes and scones and ice cream.

Cheers for Autumn!


6 thoughts on “Of October Days [Autumn is HERE!]

  1. This is everything I love about fall rolled up into one post. This makes me feel warm and happy. I love that you love being a happy little wife and homemaker – so cute.


  2. Kristin, I just want to come to your house and do all these fun fall things with you and talk and talk!! I miss you!! It looks like you are being such a good little house wife and doing all kinds of domestic things. 🙂


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