Because It’s a Good Day

Today is a good day, I have decided.

A good day to stumble out of bed and make breakfast for hubby.

A good day to stare out the window and watch it drizzle.

A good day to light a candle and brew some coffee.

A good day to curl up on the couch and read II Samuel.

A  good day for turning red and yellow jewels piled in a basket into salsa goodness.

A good day for running in the rain to pick MORE red & yellow jewels so there are more jars of salsa at the end of the day.

A good day for ironing [bright] pink dresses for chorus tour.

A good day for packing suitcases. (Tomorrow is the day!)

A good day to dream about a latte from Jitters.

A good day to finish the in-progress Autumn blog post.

A good day to hang up those neglected work jeans and pump a few more laundry loads through.

A good day to smile and remember all the blessings God has showered on me.

A good day to eat a pumpkin scone. 🙂


Leave me a comment... you might just make my day!

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