Things I Never Thought I’d Do

Never say never, or so the old saying goes. I haven’t had to eat as many words as some, but sometimes I do a double take and end up laughing at myself. Is this really me? (Usually it happens when I’m doing something uncharacteristic like shooting a gun or something)

1) There is beet juice on my floor. And my arms.  And all over my counter. (Amazingly, not so much on me) I always hated the days we’d serve beets at work because I disliked them so much, and I’m remembering why. What a mess! Believe it or not, I canned beets today. Because I love my husband, that’s why. 🙂 [Side note: boiling all the water out of the kettle is not a very enjoyable way to end your beet canning. Trust me. Beets smell even less appealing when burnt]

2) I sweep dust off the bear in our living room — a rather intriguing job until one gets to the eyes and has a sudden fresh realization that he was once a live animal. Creepy. Thankfully he’s not adult-sized.

3) I have taken to using Pennsylvania terminology in small ways. I gave in on the pronunciation of the word “syrup” and the term “start doing this awhile”, but I still hold to my tried & true Midwest lingo. 🙂 What can I say — I’ve been a Buckeye longer than a Keystoner. Remind me of this if you hear me in a couple years telling someone, “Youse can bring soda to the TORNament[tournament].” Gah.

4) I get excited over jars of canned food. Who would’ve thought… don’t only dull housewives do that? Ha! Oh, and when the lids seal — that’s the best part! 😉 The exciting, rewarding part is that all this good-for-you, grown ourselves, organic, non GMO food in our cupboards and freezer, well, it’s practically free! (Minus the seeds, weeding time, canning time, lids, added ingredients, and a few boxes of jars purchased) Like my Grandma always said, “It’ll taste good when the snow flies.” [Not to mention good for the grocery budget]

5)  When we go to composting workshops and the group is out on site, I actually know which side of the compost pile you’re supposed to test from. (lol!)

6) I live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Three and a half years ago I didn’t even know anyone in Lancaster.

7) Fun mail in the mailbox makes me mucho excited. Oh wait, that’s still the same. 😉

8) I am a farmer’s wife,  (who would’ve known) which so far has involved taking lunch to the field, riding in the tractor occasionally, and learning all the terminology of what happens in the fields/the farm. (I am generally fairly clueless about farming)

9) Tomato Pie is one of my favorite dishes to make in the summer. Quite a long way from not being too sure about this “Tomato Pie” the first time Jonathan insisted I try it at TPC.

10) I’m hoping to add traveling to a foreign land on a regular basis to this list, but it hasn’t happened as of yet. 😉

What things pop into your everyday normal that you never dreamed you would someday do?


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