July Check-In

Yes, it’s been forever.

My long list of excuses are:

  • My computer has a virus so I have no access to anything on it until my techy brother can fix it.
  • My one year space upgrade ran out sometime this month which means not as much room for uploading media/pictures, etc.
  • I’ve been rather uninspired as of late.
  • Normal summer busyness, plus with the mono I’m forever behind on housekeeping things.

I’m loving SUMMER. (What’s new, right?) Though this heat is getting to even this summer girl. 95+ degrees with no air conditioning is just a leeeeeetle hot. We (a little desperately) bought an air conditioner and a fan a few days ago. Best purchase ever!

Summer memories [2013]:

  • Yummy fresh food. Zucchini & fresh tomato  sandwiches, corn on the cob, fresh basil, pesto, quiche with veggies from the garden, tomato pie, BLTs, green beans, and fried green tomatoes. Mmm hmm!
  • Waking up in the morning with a killer neck ache and sore shoulder… isn’t sleeping supposed to be restful? I can’t help it that in my dream the roof was falling and I was the only one leaping to hold it up from crushing us. (Enter the neck and shoulder ache] Poor husband. hehe!
  • Conversations in the garden while pulling weeds with my sister-in-law 🙂
  • Rolling through downtown nearby Big City (think narrow one ways and little shops) with a 6 ton load of hay on the back of the trailer, while nonchalant pedestrians casually get into their cars on the street, not even LOOKING to see if anyone is coming. Let’s just say some of us almost had a heart attack! People these days do not THINK about their own safety.
  • Awesome 4th of July fireworks in America’s Coolest Small Town 2013. Last year’s were a dud because half their fireworks malfunctioned, so they made up for it this year big time. Everything was shaking during the grand finale!!
  • Fresh fruit at the Wednesday produce place = smoothies and lots of them. Current favorite is strawberry banana!
  • Camping in the mountains one weekend and a cabin the next. Super fun!
  • Booming summer thunderstorms that bring deliciously cool air. For about half an hour, anyway.
  • Two words. Iced. Coffee.
  • Hosting relatives from Georgia for supper. (Ironically, it is hotter here then there)
  • Wild cat/mountain lion spotted three fields behind our house in the tree line. Needless to say, I was rather nervous about venturing out of doors for awhile!
  • Wild berry pickin’ with my man. 😀 (and the gun)
  • Reconnecting with an old school friend when her little family stayed here for a weekend in June.
  • Chorus practice on Monday nights and songs that ring in my head all week long. “Hold to my hand… dear Lord I pray.”
  • Phone chats with old friends about all sorts of random things. (Hi Naomah ;))
  • These Chocolate Coconut Cups (aka homemade almond joys) My favorite treat right now. YUMMO.

What are your favorite summer memories so far?


2 thoughts on “July Check-In

  1. Loved hearing a little about your life in PA. I had to chuckle a couple of times. =)
    I am hoping to come a visit you time soon. if my schedule ever clears up. and right now we are slammed at work and it hard to get off during Fall season.
    my favorite summer memory thus far is when I took my Nephews camping. I think that I had just about as much fun as they did.


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