Once Upon A Time

I’m posting this in honor of the day I met my husband-to-be, and also because of popular request on facebook for more of the story. Little did I know that we would be married three years later. God has a sense of humor. 🙂

[June 19, 2010]

Once upon a time there was a girl who unwittingly seemed to end up in strange situations.

One scorching hot June Saturday, she set off for her friend’s wedding, in which she was to be the assistant photographer. Now this wedding was held at a retreat center, an hour away from where she had been camping with several Bible School friends. She had to go alone, borrowing someone else’s car, and using their GPS to find her way there. Ah well, at least I finally found a way to get there, she thought to herself. (To say that it was extremely complicated to get anywhere the whole weekend would be putting it mildly)

Before she left, she told her friends that she had absolutely no clue how to get back to the out-in-the-boonies campsite, so one of the guys came up with a brilliant solution. He set the GPS coordinates and told her to just hit “campsite” on the way home and it will bring her right back. Then the last minute situation of the friend’s cousin needing a ride back to the campsite also came up. “Do you mind if he comes back with you?” the friend asked.

“Oh sure… I don’t care,” she answered. By now, flexibility was becoming quite a normal occurance in her weekend. What was another twist in the story? “Does he know he has to come back with me?” she asked.

“Uhhhh no,” the friend said. “Do you mind telling him? Have you ever met him?”

“Well no, but I know what he looks like,” she said, shrugging inwardly. By then, she really didn’t have a choice and with all the other random people she’d been calling for rides, what was one more person she didn’t know?

So she set off, enjoying the solitude and time to think on the drive there. All went well and she found the retreat center just fine. She spotted the cousin-of-the-friend almost right away, as she walked through an entrance way that led to the room the bride was in. He was sitting a chair sleeping. Next time she walked through he was awake, so she decided just to approach him right away and get the awkward explanation over with. He looked surprised but was agreeable to the arrangement.

The next six hours were full of meeting and taking pictures of tons of people she didn’t know… all while trying not to be too conspicuous, and walking around for hours and hours. And did I mention that it was 95 degrees for hours and then it rained at the end??

Finally, around 9:30 pm, the tired-and-a-bit-frazzled photographer was more than ready to get out of there. The cousin-of-the-friend pulled the car around, he hit “campsite”, and they were off. An hour’s drive was ahead of them, so they chatted about various things. They almost hit two deer that were standing in the middle of the road and came upon a fallen orange cone and proceeded to drag it under the car.

Finally, around 10:20 pm, the GPS was showing to turn onto a “Hearth Stone Lane” and the road they thought was right, turned out to not be right at all. Just around the corner they caught sight of a familiar looking house. “Uh oh!” said the photographer girl. It was the house of some of the friends, which was a good 20 minutes from the campsite in the mountains. The GPS showed that they had arrived at their destination.

The girl’s heart sank. Somehow the GPS coordinates had gotten messed up, and she hadn’t much clue at all how to find the campsite. The guy had never been there, so he had no idea either. All the roads looked the same and weren’t marked very clearly. The campsite was so far back in that there was no cell phone service, and there was no one else they could call who would know how to get there. So they just decided that they had to try their best and the photographer girl would try her hardest to remember which roads to take.

Well. There are a lot of roads in the Virginia mountains. And they all look the same. After an hour of trying this road and that road, thinking something looked familiar and then it wasn’t right, dead ends and turning around, the girl was despairing and feeling so helpless and bad about not knowing where to go. (Thus, she told the cousin-of-the-friend, “You probably wish you had never got in this car and never met me!!”) He assured her that wasn’t true. But he was a little frustrated. Here they were, stuck in this car together and driving around lost for hours. After one particular turn around, he stepped on it and flew down a hill. Unfortunately, the road turned sharply at the bottom of the hill. Ninety degree turn sharp, to be exact. He didn’t see it until it was almost too late. There was a stomping on the brakes and a skidding across gravel, and the road-weary car came to a rest on the edge of a steep bank. In fact, one tire popped over the edge. They sat there in stunned silence, visions of the car plummeting over the four foot drop-off running through their minds. He said later that the car rocked back and forth whenever they moved, but the girl doesn’t recall that part. (Probably was too traumatized) He slowly backed the car up and no harm was done.

Finally, finally, around midnight they turned onto the last road on that mountain and spotted a campfire in the woods. It was the most beloved sight they had ever beheld. The girl shrieked through the open window, “Praise the Lord – hallelujah!!”

And the girl declared that she would never depend solely on a GPS ever again, and who knows what the guy thought of the confused blonde girl he got stuck with, and they lived happily ever after. (I wrote this part long before we were dating, quite unknowingly)

The End.

[June 19, 2013]

Now we take pictures in the wheat and kiss in the cornfield. 😉 I love my farmer!

wheatfield IMG_0504

[GRRR. WordPress is being really dumb and not letting me post this as a nicely spaced post with paragraphs.]


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