Summer is here, in all her heat and splendor. I am not missing cold snowy Mr. Winter in the least bit. (Remind me of that if you hear me complaining about the lack of an air conditioner ;))

What do I love about summer?

Green and growth and vibrant outdoor beauty.


I keep chuckling at myself, because I am the farthest thing from a flower gardener. Suddenly the beauty and creativity of flowers appeals to me and I browse the local greenhouse, happily buying plants. I push my cart beside an older lady who remarks, “There are so many choices!” I say, “I know, especially when you know nothing about flowers!”



IMG_0168  IMG_0169

I found this dirty old chair in the garage and gave her a freshening up. Her new home is on the front porch!

Fresh food from the garden.
Our favorites so far?
Asparagus, spinach, leafy lettuce.
Funny, I never thought of asparagus as this vegetable that was SO GOOD. I now crave it. Tossed with olive oil and generously coated with onion powder & garlic salt, then grilled. Yummo. I could seriously eat this stuff every. single. day.


We have lots and lots of fresh spinach from the farm garden, and we mostly eat it in salads. (Spinach recipes to share? I’m all ears) My favorite salad is this one, only I use spinach instead of romaine, substitute strawberries instead of apples, and pecans instead of walnuts. Delicious!

Smoothies and refreshing drinks.
I have discovered husbands who work out in 90 degree weather appreciate cool drinks when they come in for lunch. (Plus it’s a good excuse for me to try out different drink recipes ;))


Lemon Mint Shake-ups (Courtesy of friend Alyssa) In her own words:
The juice of one lemon, 3 tall glasses of water, ice, around 3/4 cup sugar, and chopped mint to taste, lightly crushed, to taste. Put it all in a tupperware container, close the lid, and shake well. Instant deliciousness, and they look like art in a glass.
Super refreshing! Now I just need to buy more lemons. 🙂

Banana con Leche (courtesy of sister-in-law Karen who made these in Nicaragua):
One frozen banana, one cup of milk, and 1 tsp. vanilla. (Or you can substitute 1 tsp. coconut flavoring for something different). Blend together and enjoy. This may or may not have been why I bought a 40 lb. box of bananas to put in the freezer. We’re kind’ve addicted! 😉

Mango Smoothies
One large mango, one cup of milk, sugar to taste, and ice. Blend up and enjoy! I’ve also added strawberries and/or strawberry yogurt for variation, but you have to be careful how much you add or it will drown out the mango flavor.


Iced Coffee (which I amazingly have not made yet this year, so I’m not exactly sure where my recipe is)

Meadow Tea (with my mother-in-law’s delicious recipe)

And then you can’t forget: flip flops, gentle summer rains, yard saling (which I am becoming quite addicted to!), fireflies, cook-outs, camping, fireworks, and tomato pie. 🙂
Happy summer to you!!


3 thoughts on “Summer

  1. All those drinks look so good! I’m so happy to hear and see you getting all settled in your new nest. Everything sounds and looks so good – I think it’s time for me to make supper. 🙂


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