New Normal

Note: I started this last Thursday and never got a chance to finish it until now.

Sittin’ in my living room folding laundry… dryer & dishwasher are humming, camping stuff is strewn around in the process of being packed for the weekend, coffee cake is cooling, and the remains of breakfast still needs to be put away.

Yeah I know. I sound like a regular ‘ol housewife. Funny. Me.

One of my newly married friends told me back in March during a quick phone chat, “Take heart… soon you will be sitting in your living room with a cup of tea. Wedding planning will not last forever.”  Thank goodness. She was right. Whammo, it’s all over and the wedding seems like forever ago. So to all you brides out there — pretty soon this will be you too.

It still startles me when telemarketers call and ask for Mr. or Mrs. _______ and suddenly I realize that’s ME. (Go figure, two days after our land line is hooked up they start calling in earnest) Or when Jonathan introduces me to people as “This is my WIFE…” Still getting (used to that one! I still feel like me, regardless. :)) Or when I get excited over organic produce or realize that it’s up to me to make sure we have food to eat.

Happy things lately:

  • Our “new” car… 🙂 🙂 🙂 YAY!!!!!! So excited to have wheels again!! Wow, can it ever go, too!
  • Sunshiney days & blue skies again after a few days of dreary rain
  • Hobby Lobby shopping excursions
  • Fun overnight guest from Oregon 🙂
  • Canoe trips complete with rocks, campfires, egg arguments, and lots of laughter 😀
  • Buying our first little tent
  • Rhubarb gift from the neighbor lady
  • Makin’ bread in my little kitchen
  • Tulips from a sweet new friend
  • Packages in the mail from Grettagraphy 😀 *squeals*


Happiest of Tuesdays to you!


6 thoughts on “New Normal

  1. We love Gretta’s blog. We were checking out her new posts today. As we were looking at your wedding pictures we were all like, “She looks soooo familiar.” Then after we clicked your blog everything clicked. “We follow that lady’s blog” Thanks for posting,
    Yesenia and her two adorable sisters


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