Ways to Keep Your Life Interesting

Ways to Keep Your Life Interesting:

*Lock your car keys into your running car right before you are supposed to leave for work and then try to find the spare set of keys that have been lost for months. (It’s called FRANTIC) Good news is, they were found 15 minutes later — answer to prayer!

*Plan a wedding in 3 months.

*Meet an old school friend at Panera Bread, spend a few hours catching up on life, then introduce both of your Jonathans (husband and fiance) to each other. So fun!! ๐Ÿ˜€

*Sort through your life’s collection of STUFF.

*Discover that a photo of yours truly was published in the “Country Living” magazine sent out by the electric companies all over Ohio… serving at the raccoon dinner of all things. (In defense, I served as an effort to be involved with my community — not because of my love of raccoon meat)

*Slide headfirst down into a slight ditch instead of going around the curve — makes the pulse a little quicker and the legs shake afterward… or try to back down an icy hill and suddenly do a 180 in the process (this wasn’t me, thankfully!)… or drive on the nastiest curvy hilly road around in dense fog after dark, with accident trauma still fresh in your mind. Give me muddy roads any day!

*Visit a 92-year-old lady who is just convinced that it is March, no matter how many times you tell her it’s January.

*Compile a list of your favorite songs, especially piano and instrumentals. Music is AMAZING.

*Discuss flooring options via text when your thumb is really sore with cracked skin and you have a massive headache.

*Attempt to do anything while dealing with massive headache.

*Emulate old-fashioned expressions while taking engagement photos (aka stern and stiff) and try not to wonder what the lady owner of the coffee shop is secretly thinking.

*Go to a funeral attended by 1000 people and realize that you might as well embrace the fact that you fail to blend in with the crowd, erm, at all. But that’s okay.

*Blow your nose every two minutes, throw in a coughing fit every once in awhile, a few aches, a congested head that feels close to bursting and the total loss of all taste. (Tortuous I’m telling you, especially when there is delicious food for supper) That should keep you plenty busy! (Not to mention miserable)

Or you could just deliver coffee and chocolate to my doorstep or place of work… I think that’d keep your life AND mine plenty interesting! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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