Where I’ve Been

Where have I been, you ask?


It’s been a whirlwind of Christmas and

holidays and

fun outings at Candy Lanes and

New Year’s Eve proposals and

wedding planning and

meeting the best friend’s sweet new baby and

spending time with my dear Rach & Naomah and

ordering fabric and

meeting with the seamstress and

picking out paint colors for the house-to-be and

last minute roadtrips with the fiance’ to IL for a funeral and

meeting new people and

working and

organizing and planning…

Along with trips to start registries and

agonizing over what kind of skillets we want to use and

many congratulations (such sweet friends we have) and

lots of emails/facebook messages going out to people and

collecting of addresses and

thankful prayers going up and

coughing and sneezing and running of the nose (ugh!) and

enjoying my last few months with my family to the fullest and

reading books to Isaac and

discovering mice in my room (they are GONE, hopefully forever!) and

preparing for another roadtrip this weekend (to Canada for a wedding this time) and

reconnecting with old friends and

little freak out moments when the bridal registry log-in tells me how many days until April 6 and

planning engagement pictures and

decisions and


That’s where I’ve been.


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