Guest Post: He Sits & Knits

Guest post, featuring my cousin Ashley’s take on life and how precious it is. It touched me. Thank you Ashley, for listening to the Spirit prompting you to write and for consenting to let me repost it!

He sits and knits, so patiently. Carefully. Gently weaving the delicate bones and tissue together.

He sits on His throne, eagerness rising up inside of Him. His creation, His masterpiece, is nearly done. He tenderly places a small tuft of black hair on top, adds dimples, a one-of-a-kind personality, unique DNA, and ten little perfect fingers and toes. He gives His work of art a button nose, two blue eyes, and, with a loving kiss atop the wispy head, sends him to earth, where He can’t wait to show him off.

3 months later…..

She is scared. Scared to death. She’s late. She’s been late before, but not this late. Is it possible…maybe she should get a test first and find out, just to be sure. But what if she is? What will her boyfriend say?

2 hours later….

She is stone still, tears streaming down her face. The test is positive. She’d called her boyfriend and told him what happened. He was angry. Threatened to leave her if she didn’t get rid of it. He wasn’t ready for babies. Or any kind of responsibility. He wasn’t a man, and she should have known that three months ago. But she’d been too excited.

She swallows hard, debating in her mind what to do. This baby would be expensive to care for, and her parents….they didn’t know. They would never have to know. She could get rid of it, her boyfriend wouldn’t leave her, her parents would never find out, and everything would be back to normal.

 A few weeks later…

She walks out of the clinic, feeling relieved, scared, and sad. She keeps trying to reassure herself that she did the right thing. She’d called her boyfriend and told him her plan. He sounded happy, and told her he was proud of her. She sighs. Why does she feel so awful? Her boyfriend is proud of her and didn’t leave her, her parents don’t know a thing, and she won’t have to waste money caring for that thing. She sighs again, wishing the cloud hanging over her would disappear.

Up in Heaven…

Tears fill His eyes, as He gently cradles the baby boy. He was so excited to show off His creation to the world. So eager to give this new little person a chance at life. He had wonderful plans for this boy’s life. Plans that no one earth could ever dream of. His heart breaks when He remembers the baby’s cries during the horrific procedure in the clinic. Well, he was safe in Heaven now. He would protect him, and the angels would watch over him. He snuggles the sweet little bundle closer to His chest, angry at His enemy. Angry that he lied about His creation, slyly whispering in people’s ears, “It’s just a fetus…it’s just a bunch of cells….it’s so expensive to take care of it…the abortion is painless.”

No. It’s not painless. The baby felt pain, the mother felt pain, and He felt pain.



3 thoughts on “Guest Post: He Sits & Knits

  1. I’m honored that you posted this. 🙂 So glad it touched you, but God’s the One who put it in my head, and gave me the ability to write it.


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