[verb: to experience with joy; take pleasure in]

And enjoy is exactly what I’m doing… my sister makes the most fabulous maple hot chocolate!

Today I’m celebrating those things and people that I enjoy.

Kindred friends, yellow walls, and darling French restaurants.

Salted Caramel Mocha’s and super cool coffee shop walls.


More kindreds — old and new, from near and far. (Happiness!)

Two of my favorite men… crazy to think that the littlest one just turned five!


Forever friends reunited.

Thrift store vintage bicycle finds and discount P. Graham Dunn. 😀


Favorite coffee shop with favorite person. 😀

And then those things I don’t have pictures of…

*Group hug with my “little sisters” at Leo & Jolene’s wedding and them using my coat pockets for a hand warmer while we huddle outside in the cold as the guests set off sky lanterns. [A mental picture that makes me smile :)]

*Facebook message with exciting possibilities for the future! 😀 (YAAAAAAAY! That’s all I will say)

*Laughter at various moments including old man on phone who thought I sounded like I was fifteen (among other things), the startling realization that you just backed into the trash cans by the road, and the indignity of having to climb awkwardly through the passenger door to drive to work. (Dumb frozen car doors)

*COOKIES. ‘Nuf said.

*Weddings and celebrating love. Much as I love weddings, it’s nice to have the eighth and final wedding of the year behind us. (Bring on next year — already 4 on the calendar. :O) Do we have too many friends?

*Friendly police officers that wave at me frequently in town. I’m not quite sure why, but at least I appear to be on their good side. 😉

*Fry pies that are selling quite well for our youth group fundraiser so far. The only problem is that I get SO hungry for them whenever I’m talking about them to people or trying to sell them. [*shameless plug* If anyone is interested in buying out-of-this-world yummy fry pies, let me know in some way, shape or form and I will be glad to fill you in with all the details]

*New green sweaters and boots.

*California geography lessons. 😉

So much to enjoy.

What are you enjoying these days?


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