Hold On, Friend

It seems like there are so many life struggles going on right now, so much sadness, so much uncertainty.
When my friends confide in me and talk about the journeys of their lives —
I just want to make it all better.
Make the pain go away. Make the hard things disappear. Make it all sunny and happy.
But I can’t.

To all those kindred souls out there that are just trying to make it through another day, hold on.

This is for you.

You know who you are. You who sit through wedding after wedding and feel lonely and wonder when it will ever be your turn. You who listen to people share in church and wonder how they can be so honest and vulnerable and if you’ll ever feel safe enough to do that too. You who cry yourself to sleep more often than not. You who wonder if you’ll ever feel like you are truly accepted. You who see others living out their happily-ever-afters and wonder when your time of waiting will ever end. You who have countless unfulfilled dreams and don’t know how to keep desiring and dreaming. You who feel burned out and tired of the rut of life you’re in. You who struggle to hear God’s voice and know His will for your life.

Take heart, friend.

There is sunshine coming to penetrate the fog and rainbows to follow the storm. You will make it through. God is faithful and He promises to never leave you or forsake you. Never once did He ever leave you alone.

There may be nights of tears and heartache and loneliness now. Fears, questions, whys. Prayers that seem unanswered. It’s so hard to see beyond now when one is in the middle of a trial. Sometimes we never do completely understand.

But know this.

God has it all perfectly planned out, down to the tiniest detail. You. Your life. Your future. He knows exactly why your journey is taking this path. There is a reason for this season. The tears and questions are not in vain.

Cling to Jesus. Don’t take your eyes off Him. He will give you beauty for ashes and turn your mourning into dancing. He will strengthen your heart and give you courage to face the hard things. There will be grace abundant. So much grace. He will fill you with joy and hope and strength. He will give you the strength to praise Him. He is more than able. He will carry you through, and someday you’ll look back– and maybe, just maybe, it’ll all make sense.

Keep holding on, friend.

(And of course it doesn’t hurt to find a friend with a listening ear who understands and has been there too or go have a good ‘ol cry (or if you’re a guy, go pound a wall or something) or read the Psalms or pray your heart out or sometimes even screaming at the top of your lungs helps let it out (preferably when no one else is around). ;))

11 thoughts on “Hold On, Friend

  1. I’m glad you just added me as a friend. Or I would’ve never seen this. Thank you…it touched me. And by the way, it was very nice meeting you. Blessings to you.


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