A Case of the Tuesdays

Today I wished that I could be sitting in a cozy coffee shop sipping on a Pumpkin Spice latte. And to complete the wish, Jonathan would’ve magically come in for the day and went with me… of course. 😉 Or I wished that I could curl up with a big comfy blanket and read away to my heart’s content, with a big cup ‘o tea nearby. (Pssh, who am I kidding? We know what inevitably happens when Kristin curls up with blankets and books. Zzzzzz ;))

Instead, it was Tuesday. And I baked lasagna and stirred green beans and cut up cheese cubes instead. Later, I went to the gas station between jobs and picked up a cup of coffee out of drowsy desperation. Well hey, at least they had flavored creamer and it was caffeine! (I’m still trying to decide which is worse: no coffee at all or awful bitter gas station coffee. No conclusions yet.) It served its purpose well and kept me awake through the afternoon of catching up on a week & a half’s worth of office mail.

Yeah, not really too exciting. Reality vs. wishes.

Reality won.

I’m guilty of not always being content; of forgetting to live today because tomorrow (or the weekend) looks so much more fun and exciting. But life is not a perpetual weekend and we’re apt to miss our calling to “…redeem the time, because the days are evil.” Jon once reminded me when I was bemoaning how long three weeks looked, “There are people to serve and bless.” This is true — so true! Wise sir he is. 😀

There are old acquaintances to smile and wave at. There are conversations to have in the library parking lot. There are old ladies to bless. There are deep connections to host and nurture. There are prayers to be prayed. There are packages and postcards to send. There are hearts to encourage and hugs to give. There are people to love — everywhere you turn.

(I do have this one little thing to add — ONLY THREE DAYS ‘TIL FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t I be a leeeetle bit excited about the weekend?!?!?) 😉

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