Poppin’ In

Yes. It’s ME! Thought I’d dash off a quick post before I leave for the weekend again. This time it’s to travel the river in a little watercraft with one of my most favoritest people. Cheers for CANOEING!!!! 😀 😀

There’s way too much in my head to write about all at once… so it’s gonna come out in little bits & pieces, here and there.

Rose and I did a photo shoot this evening. Think a daisy field + blue & white outfits + sisters = so much fun!!

Reading in a daisy field…


(Plus about 218 more pictures that remain unedited)

 A few snapshots:

(Mostly because I miss my little curly’s curls. *sniff* They are no more, thanks to little fingers that felt the need to butch his own hair)

Annnnd in honor of something I’ve been doing alot lately (traveling):

(Gorgeous sunscape through ferociously dirty windshield and Duncan, my faithful companion)

Those are just a tiny little glimpse of the photos I’ve taken in the last month — hopefully I’ll have time to post more of them soon.
Who am I kidding?
Time seems to be running away from me…
Weekends fly by at a much too rapid speed.
The whole afternoon goes by with a whiz while snoozing on the couch.
So many Pinterest projects and organizing and cooking and sewing and writing and reading and misc. projects that I want to do.
It was just January, and now it’s May 10th already.
23 short years with Grandma and it didn’t seem long enough.
Instead of being the 3 carefree 16-year-old best friends who went everywhere and did everything together
…suddenly we’re all grown up and one of us is married & soon-to-be-a-mama.
Time brings change and growth and newness and sameness.
I wouldn’t want to stop time.
It goes on, whether we like it or not.
But sometimes–just sometimes– I’d like to pause it just for a bit.
Because I don’t want to miss anything.
I don’t want to forget anything.
That’s hard to say truthfully, because my optimistic self tends to want to just remember the happy-go-lucky life is grand moments.
Not the sad. Not the disappointments. Not the heavy burdens.
But they’re a huge part of our story too. Now. TODAY. Our times are being written by a heavenly hand. (Psalm 31:15)
I don’t believe He wants us to just bury our head in the sand and only see happy things.
The pain of close friends is very real.
The marriage relationship struggles are there, all around.
There are burdens to carry for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

And there are joy moments.
*Emails that are long and rambly. (The best kind!!)
*Photo book gift packages
*Being with my Mairi friend
*M ‘n’ M words 😀
*Roadtrips east 😀
*Girl’s night out in a charming outside restaurant patio
*Little brother that thinks he’s a dog

*Tuesday morning coffee 😀

Have a most blessed weekend!


3 thoughts on “Poppin’ In

  1. I just love reading your posts! 🙂 And right now it’s making me miss you even more! 😦 We have SOOOO very much to catch up on!


  2. Love the post Kristin:) I agree time goes SO fast! Your daisy pictures remind me of the time we did a photo shoot probably in the same field:) I love your blue shirt! Have a wonderful weekend:)


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