Random Happiness

You have no idea how hungry I am for these little things. (Click on picture for recipe)
Unfortunately, we only have a handful of pretzels twists in the house and the chocolate chip availability is fairly low as well.

So I’m settling for peanut butter pie instead. 😉

If anyone reading this makes these, don’t tell me please. 😉 (And if you insist on telling me, at least invite me over to try them out with coffee!)

Today’s gifts:

*Phone dates that last… umm, well a long time 😉 Happy 3 months to us!
*Picking up sticks with the little brother
*Ceiling hooks (I know, odd. But they happen to be holding flowing draperies in my corner of my room and it makes me quite happy!)
*Piiiiiiiiie 😀
*Pinterest dreaming
*Smoke curling out of the chimney
*Oooey, gooey pizza yumminess
*Family conversations
*New recipe books
*New card games with Ted & Rose (even though I got smoked)


2 thoughts on “Random Happiness

  1. Hey Kristin,
    Just had to torture you and tell you that I got to spend the weekend with your boyfriend. We had our church youth retreat this weekend.
    I also heard you’re coming along on the canoe trip.:) sounds like fun.


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