Live Loved

The ways of God amaze me to no end.
Like the times He has me teach Sunday School on something I need to hear myself.

Teaching is a bit out of my comfort zone but it’s already blessing me tremendously!
It pushes me to study.
To dig deeper into the Word.
To follow what the Spirit is whispering inside.
To take the plunge, even when the path looks a little unknown.

We’re studying the Fruits of the Spirit, and Sunday #1 was on love.
I told the girls that love is such a huge subject that you could study it for the whole 9 months.
(Okay, so I kinda like that subject right now. πŸ˜‰ )
The aspect of love that we touched on yesterday was God’s love for us —
how He loved us first, called us His children, and sent His Son for us when we were completely unloveable
–sitting in our rags in a dark dungeon of sin and shame.
That just BLOWS my mind.

And then more specifically, we talked about the allegory of the love story between us & Jesus.
It’s easy to know in our heads that God loves us, but to feel it in our hearts.

To be honest, it’s not always there for me.
I struggle and struggle to really GET it sometimes. Deep down.
Jesus is pursuing, longing for, and wanting us to be His.
He is passionately pursuing us.

It’s the most beautiful love story of all love stories.
And we think human love stories are great —
get a glimpse of THIS!
The Bible is overflowing with personal promises and little nuggets for our hearts.
“I have loved you with an everlasting love.”
“I will quiet you with my love and rejoice over you with singing.”
“I have redeemed you. I have called you by name. You are Mine.”
“You are fearfully and wonderfully made.”*

If we live with the conviction that we are loved and affirmed by our heavenly Prince,
there is so much security and rest in that.
And when I start to feel insecure and empty and restless
it’s because I need more of Him.

So much more of Him.

Live loved, content in His pursuit. That’s what I want to do more of.

(*Jer. 31:3, Is. 43:1, Zeph. 3:17, Psalm 139:14)


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