Slice of Life

Because random is what I do best. 😀

Continuing to revel in the little things, notice the God-things that come my way, and delight in now is what I want the flavor of my 2012 to be.

Why just live a plain vanilla ice cream sundae life if there are sprinkles to put on top? (My apologies to all you vanilla ice cream fans)

Slice of life lately:
Friday night youth piling into Jason & Julia’s big van like one big happy family, ice skating (without falling once *shock*) to our heart’s content, and then taking over Subway. Poor Subway workers didn’t quite know what to think about their quiet deserted restaurant being flooded with… us. “You all just came out of nowhere!!” the guy told me. Ha!

*Hilarious phone calls with Willie ;)… oh-so-happy card in the mail from my thick-and-thin friend… texts that make me smile… a thousand fry pies to package made lots more fun with pleasant company… hugs from Rach :D… messages flying back and forth between here and Elnora, IN. 😀

*Adopted “Grandpa” hugs at work with the remark “We’re never gonna let you leave!!”

*Much quality time with the couch for about two days. You don’t really want to know. Except that, wow, food tastes amazing once you can eat it again. 😀 And stomach flu is plain AWFUL.

*Conversations with Isaac: “I like coffee,” he says, while drinking imaginary coffee out of a humungous mug in my room. “Oh!” I say. “What does it taste like?” “It tastes like… SUGAR!” he says emphatically. Heh! “And it tastes num num!!”

*Questions from funny little children: “Is your hair electric?” Uhhh, no. :p

*Hugs from VBS kids while walking down the street in town — “Hey!!! You’re the girl who stands up front and sings!!” Yup. That’s me. 😀 (Church people: it was Samantha and her friend!)

*Cracking 8 1/2 dozen eggs and then scrubbing (supposedly non-stick) egg pans for at least half an hour. (No exaggeration) Not sure if we’re having scrambled eggs at Hot Meals ever again. :p

*New Year’s Eve with fun people and sparkling grape juice!

*Running into an acquaintance in the bank in town… she tells me all about her 8-day-old baby, and then before she leaves, she tells the bank teller, “Merry Christmas!!” The teller and I look at each other a little strangely. “She just had a baby. I had mommy brain too!” the teller tells me later. 😀

It’s not always all “sprinkly” and happy. But that’s okay!


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