It’s Not About Me

Two words.

Horrible cough.

Miserableness. Uggggggh! But don’t feel sorry — just send me cough syrup and tissues and chocolate. (Never mind that chocolate makes me cough. But you can pretend you didn’t know that :p) At least my stomach muscles are getting a really good workout. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Heh!

Thinking about lots o’ things. Like why is there so much pain and death and sadness this Christmas? Just this week alone there have been so many tragic deaths and accidents in the community. Posted this on facebook last night and I keep thinking about the song I posted with it – The Reason for The World [Matthew West].

This time of the year is supposed to be happy and festive and joyful… yet I keep thinking about those who are crying and grieving and struggling with pain. The Eash family, the young boy who caused the accident, the family of the Amish girl who was shot, the Jerrel Good family, the loss of Rojo’s Grandpa, and all the personal pain lots of people carry inside.
“But just keep your eyes on heaven, and know that you are not alone…
And maybe the reason for the world is to make us long for HOME.”
This song says it much better than I can.

Maybe God is opening my eyes even wider to those around me. Using them to show me a grander broader perspective. Because it is not about me. Even though sometimes I kick and scream and don’t get God at all. This year hasn’t been the easiest ever, but I can still say that I’m blessed and that God is good. ๐Ÿ˜€

And it’s not about me.

(Maybe if I say it enough times it’ll sink in way down deep)

Because I get stuck. Instead of seeing a situation or a dream as just a small corner of God’s plan, I run away away with it and suddenly I am grasping it so tightly that it’s becoming the whole puzzle. And that is a very very small way to live. If life really were all about me (like I act sometimes), well then what a sad little life that would be. There are so much grander adventures to become a part of!

When I see the passel of little children in nothing but diapers at the house we Christmas caroled at last night… and hear the gasp of sheer delight from the little boy when Ezra gave them the big box of cookies and yummy things — it nails it down even harder. It’s about God. The One Who came, the One who lay in a manger, the One Who is the reason we were caroling.

When I sit across from the friend with the sad eyes over afternoon coffee and shared hot pepper cheese balls — I hear her heart, her pain, her questions — and even though it makes no sense to me either, I still know that it’s not about us. I wish I had answers and understood exactly what in the world God is doing. But He knows. I wish I could make it all better and that there wouldn’t have to be such heart suffering. But ultimately, amidst our stormy whys, He’s there, waiting for us to come running back to Him with our trust.

I wonder — how do we keep the perspective that it’s about God —ย  all the time?

But maybe the reason for the pain
Is so that we would pray for strength
And maybe the reason for the strength
Is so that we would not lose hope
And maybe the reason for our hope
Is so that we can face the world
And the reason for the world
Is to make us long for home


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