Things That Make Me Smile [Take 4]

There are a million and a half things I could blog about, and since I’m feeling random it’s going to end up being a continuation of Things That Make Me Smile. 😀

[Take 4]

::Hope gift for Christmas? I’ll take it, little girl. 😀 ::
::Cozy candles::
::Little boys who are highly anticipating Christmas and go around saying, “It’s Christmastime!!!”::


::Silver shoes and turquoise dresses::

::Their wedding day joy::

::These two dear friends::

::Pink bouquets::
::Cute cakes:

::Little boys who don’t understand why they have to take pictures::
::Adorable flower girls::


::Warm hands, after experiencing frozen red stiff ones::

::Food, especially when one is famished::

::Adorable Christmas card pictures from one of my favorite newly married couples 😀 *waves at Jason & Rach*::

::Finding the PERFECT card to go with a gift after searching high and low::

::A whole day to lounge around and regroup::

::Fuzzy socks::

::Discovering verses that seem to have been written just for me ;)::


3 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Smile [Take 4]

  1. Hey, Lizzie Mast made my bridesmaid dress for Susie’s wedding, too! How cool! And warm fuzzy socks and verses that seem written just for me make me happy too. 🙂


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