Counting Again

Love much.

“The greatest weakness of most humans is their hesitancy to tell others how much they love them while they’re alive.” [Orlando A. Battista]

  Last Sunday a group of us sang at the Developmental Center in the afternoon (place we sing every other month) and then the youth were gonna sing for some elderly people in town and give them fruit baskets. Well the person (aka me) who was supposed to find people to sing for, could only find one. (Trust me, I called what seemed like half the seniors in town) But oh, it was worth all the effort, just to see the look on Mrs. James’ face. She sat on her little couch and smiled and nodded along with the songs. (And complimented us on our beautiful voices after every song!) I’m not saying this to brag on our singing abilities or our good deed. It would’ve been easier not to call her. Easier not to go. But loving others is always worth it.

Love much.

Love even when it seems like it hurts more than it should. I’ve been reading lately about the paradox of love and pain intertwined. Fascinating stuff. Too true. Love much. And if you can express it, by all means do so!

Love little people to death, even when they sit beside you at supper and make a LOUD racket, including meowing noises. (My 4-year-old brother seems to think he is now a kitty) And even when they’re whiny and won’t give you hugs. 😉

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

So I stopped counting gifts way back in June. Five whole months ago. I could be halfway to a thousand already! I decided today that I need to start counting again. I think it’ll help me to consciously be more grateful for the gifts that I do have. I’ve been trying desperately hard not to complain. I’m afraid my spirit hasn’t been very thankful at times in the last few months and part of me fights against being negative and melancholy and sad – at least 75% of the time.

So I’m counting again. 😀

184. Hilarious Jack Benny episodes with the family
185. Sweet words via skype and facebook
186. Yummy tang of Cranberry Coffee Cake
187. Turquoise and silver loveliness
188. Inside Dad jokes 😀
189. Comfortable camaraderie with P. Mary
190. Cute brown boots (and cheap, to boot!)
191. Making the house look Christmasy!
192. English Breakfast Tea & blogging
193. Brown corduroy and lime green
194. Dinner rolls hot out of the oven
195. Anticipating packages in the mail
196. Joy in the midst of pain
197. Chocolate milk bubbles

One thought on “Counting Again

  1. This is good again, Kristen! And what is it about little boys right now that make them think they’re kitties? 🙂 Kyler was convinced this last weekend that he was a kitten & had all the meowing sounds to go with it. 🙂 What a darling kitten he made, anyway! 🙂 ~Dorcas


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