Today. [Bridal Shower Version]


In pictures.

[Bridesmaids and the bride-to-be]

[mushy sigh]

[Ahem. Some blonde person kinda sorta goofed on one of the dates. 😉 It most certainly didn’t take a whole day for her to say yes. ;)]

[Can hardly believe my dear bestest friend is getting MARRIED! I love you Naomah!]

What there isn’t pictures of.

Searching sneakily for dumpsters at late hours. (heh!) Squishy mud puddles and bare feet. Locked church houses and no key and angels who come to the rescue. (Bless you Dawnita!) McDonald’s drive-thru’s and amaaaaaaazing cinnamon melts. (“Can you throw away our Subway cups??” ;)) Losing my poor phone half a dozen times. Driving off with my shoes on the roof. Coyotes howling creepily in the dark. Hot spiced apple cider. Random text: “Praise the Lord I found the punch bowl!!!” Mucho coffee. Apples and apples and more apples. Caramel dip agonizing. Crammed full back seats. Best friend time. 😀 (Rach you’re the best!!)

This tired person needs to sleep. Night world!


4 thoughts on “Today. [Bridal Shower Version]

  1. Thanks for the glimpse into the evening… (and thinking… you stayed up and posted yet?! 🙂 ) Love you, you are so giving of yourself to others.


  2. Kristin, thank you SO MUCH for the amazing evening!! You and Rach made it beautiful and I’m sure you worked harder than I’ll ever know. Love you!!


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