Who Can Complain?

Today. Putzing around cleaning my room and doing laundry and designing an autumn blog look. (That summer header was long past due for a change…) Oh, and you  can’t forget the necessary box of tissues that sits faithfully by my side. At least I can taste coffee and Pumpkin Cinnamon Sugar bread today! 😀 (You know your taste buds have issues when you can’t smell horseradish and can eat a tablespoon of it and not taste a thing. For real! ;))

I’m thankful for all sorts of things, like maybe seeing a dear kindred spirit friend tomorrow (:D I can hardly bear the thought of only being 20 minutes apart and not seeing each other!) and how it’s sunshiney today and how amazing sleeping in felt and that at least I’m not flat on my back and can dance around to happy adorable newly-discovered songs. 😉 “I’d like to sail to lands afar – out on a boat that’s built for twobeneath the canopy of stars… And oh oh oh ohhhhh…” 😀

But I must say… I’M SO TIRED OF BEING SICK!!!!!!!!

Not to complain, or anything. 😉 But there’s only so much never-ending coughing and sniffling and sneezing and achiness and croaking and voice-losing one can take before they start feeling a little stir-crazy.

Who can complain when there are flowers delivered to your doorstep from some very sweet sisters?? 😀  (Receiving gifts of chocolate covered peanuts (just because they’re your favorite) and lovely friend-brella cards = happiness)

Who can complain about flat tires when there are Dads to heroically come to the rescue?

Who can complain about hard times when there is so much grace freely given?

Who can complain about being tired from working when one is blessed with two jobs and able to work?

Who can complain about being mercilessly teased by brothers when they also so kindly wash your car and fix your computer?? 😉

Who can complain about cleaning the house when you’ve just met someone who lived in a box for a year and a half?

Who can complain about having to learn patience when there is so much hope? (Ouch)

Who can complain when there are cute little faces like this grinning at you from the backseat?


Oh to soak up every single simple pleasure… like satisfying little brother’s burning desire to go “throw rocks in the waterfall”.

Simple things like banana cake and yummy sauerkraut suppers and hugs from Dad and chats with Mamacita.

No, I can’t complain.

I’m blessed.

Are you??


4 thoughts on “Who Can Complain?

  1. Ouch! This wasn’t the funnest post to read. I just got through a VERY stressful day at work. 😦 Why do people have to be so dumb sometimes?!?!?! But I needed it. Thanks! 🙂
    P.S Love the bouquet of flowers! Really pretty! 😉


    1. Aw it’s okay to have bad stressful days… God understands those days too. 😉 And thank YOU for putting up with my very random emotional state-of-being tonight… (you poor thing). I laughed at the voicemail later!!! 😉


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