Coffee Talk

I’m in the mood to have coffee.

But not by myself, of course. Because we all know coffee’s more fun with someone else. 😀

Of course, “meeting for coffee” is far more than just the coffee. It’s more about having an excuse to talk. And connect. Encourage. Share. Laugh. *happy sigh*

So grab your favorite mug and pull up a chair…


If I were to meet you for coffee right about now, I’d tell you somewhat melodramatically that I’m only going to be a coffee barista for three more days… and how bittersweet that is. Coffee world, I shall return someday. 😀

And then I’d tell you how I’m relieved and happy it makes me to have had a new job fall into place so smoothly and FAST — such a God thing! I’m going to be the cook for the senior Meals on Wheels program in the little town closest to my house. Get to connect with town people again! (Yeah!!) And I’m SURE I would mention the awesomely amazing fact that there are no evenings or Saturdays involved EVER EVER EVER!!! (Heh. Ya think Kristin is slightly enthused about this fact? ;))

Then I’d ask how you are… and if you told me you’re good, then I’d ask how you REALLY are. 😉 If you had happy news to tell me I’d most likely gasp or squeal out loud and want to know all about it. 😀 And if you told me you weren’t having such a good life right now, I’d tell you that we need to have a hope session. (And then would probably read you some quote or verse I’ve recently found about hope or patience or joy or something of the sort that’s encouraged my own heart. Right now it would be Romans 5:3-5) If you asked how I was, I’d sigh and then you poor soul would most likely listen to me ramble for the next half hour. At the end of the ramble I’d sigh and say, “Oh well. I’ll survive. I have thus far.” (lol! I’m laughing at myself cuz this is so so typical)

And then we’d talk about happier things. Friend’s weddings coming up. Memories from the summer. How fall weather makes one feel like curling up and reading a book all day. Ways we’ve felt God lately. Opportunities and dreams. The barista would hide a smile when we asked her to take our picture.

And before we left that coffee shop, we’d have ourselves a big old hug and one of us would say, “Someday. Someday we’ll look back and laugh at ourselves and say, ‘Remember those days when…'”

Come over and I’ll make blueberry muffins. 😀


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