To say it was so good to be at my own church this morning is an understatement!

Last Sunday I sat with my three fellow stranded friends in a 2 1/2 hour long River Brethren service in the middle of PA. It wasn’t boring, but it was rather difficult to stay awake because we were all completely exhausted. (Let’s just say we resorted to desperately pinching ourselves toward the end) I was so amazed at how everything that was shared in the first hour and a half tied together. Verse after verse was read about about how God is our Rock, how He is our refuge in times of trouble, and how He will take care of us. Person after person shared about looking to God for strength, about trusting God and waiting on Him, and about having faith in the sufficient grace of God despite our circumstances. It totally blew me away! God’s Spirit was definitely there in that service! Those people who shared had no idea that I needed to hear all that – but God knew. 🙂

The Sunday before that was spent worshiping in a big tent with the rest of the LBS staff in County Park, right on the edge of Lancaster City. Loren Miller (all the way from Canon City, CO) talked about waiting on God and how to renew our strength just like the eagles. Then there was lunch, ice breaker games, practical orientation, and visitation of the children that were in your group for the week.

The Sunday morning before that, we had no church because of the BMA Convention in Plain City. After marching up in front of that huge gym full of about a thousand Mennonites to help with the children’s choir, I sat on a very hard bleacher way in the back. (With air conditioning blasting straight at the corner Dee & I sat in, might I mention… BRRR!!) And then there was lunch and riveting discussions with various Bible School/canoe trip friends… 😀

Sunday before that I woke up in a tent with a couple of my best friends who were camping with their church, and then hopped over to our family reunion for church that morning. Dad & I did VBS songs for some of the singing! (Fun! :D)

The Sunday before that was church camping weekend – for some reason, the only memories that come to mind are Mickey Mouse pancakes, howling with laughter over “Jesus Loves Me” in various “voices”, aching muscles, and brilliant red faces. (Playing Jug-a-lug in the 90+* sun will do that to you)

The Sunday before THAT I was completely exhausted from a long week of VBS and working, so I stayed home and rested that morning.

Annnnnd we’re finally back to the last time I was at church on Sunday morning – the Sunday that our VBS started way back in June. And that was a very long time ago! Makes me think of fond memories of picnics in the park and passing out Bible School invitations in the afternoon…

So good to be back to my little church! (Egged windows and all)


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