Things That Make Me Happy [Take 3]

I’ve felt rather sad this week. (To be honest) So at the risk of sounding Pollyanna-ish,  here is my feeble attempt at rejoicing in the things there are to rejoice in. Right here and right now!

Things That Make Me Happy

::Being reunited with my camera after way too many days apart!

::Our own little “hobbit”. 😀 (Rose made him this little hobbit cloak!)


::Little brothers who sit and look up at you with big blue eyes. (Okay, so it might have something to do with the piece of candy I bribed him with for letting me take his picture in the hobbit cloak. “Can I take your picture??? Pleeeeeeeease?? For Daddy??” *wailing voice* “Kristin… I can’t want to!!” Funny how candy changes little boys’ minds quite fast. ;))

::Mamacita’s yummy food!

[fresh salsa]


[Sweet Ham Buns and corn-on-the-cob]

::Hot and humid photo shoots with my sister in the field across the road!


::Middle of the week coffee chat with Eddie at Prince St. Cafe!! (Cousins really should see each other more than once a year, right?)

::Spending 10 days with my “sisters” (plus Julie who’s taking the picture) in the middle of Lancaster City!

::Looking at pictures of the cute little kiddos that we got to pour love into for a week!

::My bed… laugh if you want, but my bed is AMAZING!!! Not to mention the sleep I’m slightly behind on… yes, sleep makes me QUITE happy!

::Amazing church family – you’ve made me feel so loved and welcomed back! Thanks so much for caring about and praying for us and my little car’s plight! 😀

::Hugs… to mamacita and little curly and flower sister… to my “sisters”… to dear church people… to cute hyper little Isaiah… to best friends (about 6 times in one evening)… to canoe trip friends 🙂

::Anticipation of the father and brother’s return SOON!! (Ready for some shoulder pats, Ted??? Haha!!)

::Singing at the top of our lungs while doing dishes!! “I’m just a little bit caught in the middle…”


3 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy [Take 3]

  1. Sleep makes me happy too!! =) Thanks for being so encouraging and listing your blessings. I need to do that more often. Thanks for this reminder! Love ya girl! ❤


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