Little Bits of Randomness

          It’s FRIDAY!!!

Finally, finally, this long hot week is coming to an end.
(No complaining about hot here. Only reminders to myself about those long
frigid February days when I longed for summer. Thank God for air conditioning though!)
There are Java Jo’s coffee dates to have and friends to see and places to go.
And then it will be next week!
(Yes, I am slightly excited for next week’s ROADTRIP to LBS with these dears)

Ohhhhh yeah!!

But back to this weekend…
So excited to see my Dee friend – it’s been a whole YEAR since our July roadtrip last summer.
(Heh, we actually managed to drive 7 hours by ourselves and not run out of gas or have too many catastrophes)
I love making memories with her!

Um yes. We need to update this washed out picture. Prince St. Cafe has awful lighting!

In other randomness…

I got to see HER last week!
I love when out-of-state friends come to the area…
(in other words, COME VISIT ME!)

I get to be a bridesmaid in December… 😀
Yay for best friends getting engaged!!
We already had a spontaneous bridal party celebration with sparkling grape juice
At a very late hour on a dewy softball field under the moonlight.
In styrofoam cups, to boot.
(Random, I know!)
Their smiles are now 10 times this big! 😀

These make me smile 😀

Lovin’ this white, brown, and green color combination 🙂

Told ya this was random 😉

Have a happy weekend!


8 thoughts on “Little Bits of Randomness

  1. I could write so much in comment to this post… especially the beginning of it. 😉 😉 Hope LBS goes great for you! 🙂 I saved the pic of you and to my computer. Thanks! 🙂 ♥ u!


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