Thinkin’ alot.

Some about how sunburned brilliant red skin and sore leg muscles and tired eyes don’t feel so nice. About how I’m glad Tuesday wasn’t anything like Monday. About how yummy Mom’s deviled eggs & fresh garden tea & squash casserole tasted to an almost famished stomach. And about how it doesn’t take much to make 15-year-old brothers happy. 😀

[Iced coffee is what does it, mostly]

But mostly thinkin’ about other things.

Like how I so easily get wrapped up in myself. In my little corner. My aches and turmoil. My pain. And this makes me think about how we miss so much. We miss those who are weeping, those who are on the verge of drowning, and those who need someone to notice, to care. Oh, we see them — but do we really see?

And if we would open our eyes, we just might be startled at what we see.

Eyes that speak a million different stories. Eyes that are cold, eyes that are troubled, eyes that are searching. I want them all to smile and reflect hope and peace. But they don’t.

Arms covered in tattoos and breath that reeks of heavy smoke. Clothing that is not covering, but rather having the opposite effect. You’re a princess — you belong to Someone who will treat you with honor and respect, I want to say. Would she believe me?

I think of the toothless lady who will ramble disjointedly to anyone who has ears and is nearby. Do I care enough to listen, even on the hysterical days when she makes no sense? And the tall silver-toothed old man who smiles extra big when you remember his order to a T? Why, he practically soaks up any kindness shown to him! What kind of story does he have to tell?

I hear the story of a friend’s friend who was left to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart and life after a tumultuous break-up. There are young mothers struggling to keep up and mother their littles and be strong for their husbands. There are friends who are carrying lonely aches within themselves.

This is not to discount our own sadness or pain. It’s there. We’re part of the human race too, and this usually involves some sort of grief or turmoil or pain. (Okay, always does) But I for one am deciding to stop wallowing in my own and start looking at others’ more. Jesus came to give us hope and a redeemed life and a new start — we have something great to offer those lonely eyes and sad hearts!

Why don’t we?

[This post over on Beginning of the Watches really struck a chord in the piano of my brain. The Candy Shop parable video is worth watching. Chilling in the sense of how well it portrays the reality of the trafficking slavery so many girls are trapped in. *tears* When will not just see, but also stand up and fight?]


2 thoughts on “Thinkin’

  1. Iced coffee makes 17 year old brothers happy, too. 🙂 You watched The Candy shop, too? It made the tears come.. Wishing you a blessed day! ~Dorcas


  2. Very profound, Kristin. A balanced view. Not discounting our own pain, but at the same time looking to ease others’ pain. Thanks for sharing. You’re a good writer!


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