Now [Take Two]

Every day is a gift that you’ve been given// Make the most of the time, every minute you’re livin’ (Life Means So Much, Chris Rice)

Teach us to count the days
Teach us to make the days count
Life means so much.

Some words and phrases jotted down onto a scrap of notebook paper a couple weeks ago: (One slow afternoon at work)

Now. To the fullest. Unwasted. Not missed a single moment. No regrets. No wishing your life away. (But what if you wish this moment were different?) It’s so easy to say “embrace now”, another thing to actually do it. And that’s when Trusting God 101 kicks in. A or an F?

Now is soaking up summer. (This is what was dreamed about back in February’s snowiness. No complaining about hot weather allowed) There is catching fireflies at dusk with Rose & Isaac. Fresh peach pie, Celtic Thunder jiggin’ in the kitchen, and hugs from little town girls in the park. Running through dewy grass with bare feet, pesky mosquitoes, and loud live bluegrass music coming from somewhere in the woods. (Unfortunately people flock back here on summer holidays to party at the rowdy campground a couple miles down the road)


Now is pickin’ wild black raspberries with my favorite sister (aka Miss Rose :D) and chuckling at funny old men when they tell you, “Today’s a good day. I’m vertical! And I looked at the obituaries this morning and my picture wasn’t in there, so today’s a good day!”


Now is sittin’ on a blanket in the park and laughing over a lot of silly nothingness with twitterpated people (“Oh!! So you’re marrying me for my cooking??” *giggles*), counting down the days til LBS, and fun family afternoon/evenings spent hiking and picnicking in Mohican! Gotta love it when the little person walking with you tells you, “Be careful!” 😀


“Enjoy the journey!” (Dad)

Now is choosing to believe that God is and will be faithful! “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful!” (Hebrews 10:23) Now is having faith, even when you can’t see or understand. Now is living with heart open and alive and full. Life is too short to just stop living and feeling.

What does your now look like?


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