And its only time… But it flies right by// And today is sweeter than we know… (Francesca Battistelli)

Time. Moments. Perspective.

I know, I’m always talking about enjoying the moment and fully embracing the here & now. *whispers* (I’m kinda sorta reminding myself most of the time. ;)) Because I forget. Or I start wishing it would be different… or better… or happier. (You get the picture)

Fresh reminders, new determination, and downcast face slowly turned up toward the Light. I will enjoy and embrace the gifts God is giving me today. Keep perspective, no matter the unknowns. Smile through the fog and keep looking at the sunshine ahead and keep on serving and praising Jesus.

And sometimes that means being okay with it not being perfectly happy and weeping into strong shoulders during verse two of Be Still, My Soul.

//Be still, my soul: thy God doth undertake
To guide the future, as He has the past.
Thy hope, thy confidence… let nothing shake //

Sometimes it means sitting out under the summer night sky and watching the fireflies twinkle, while drinking coffee with your best friend and listening to each other’s lives. (I must say though, the random gunshots coming from the woods and the spiders crawling on arms during prayer added some very strange touches)

I don’t want to look back on Summer 2011 and know deep down that I missed out on living. Life is now.

Now is running next door to Paragraph’s Bookstore and helping Lois fix her facebook picture problem and then laughing inwardly when she exclaims her thanks over & over and says, “You just need youngsters!” (teehee!)

Now is making tons of soy cappuccinos and iced vanilla lattes for film crew people straggling through, and then curiously walking down the street (the long way around the block) just to try to get a curious glimpse. (All there was to see was scaffolding & vans from New York & box trucks full of movie equipment & black cloth hung over a store front) How cool is that when a movie’s being filmed right down the street?!?!

And now is chatting at the gas station with old men from waitressing days who ask curious questions. (First it’s about a mutual friend who no longer lives around here) Bob: “Is she married?” Me: “No.” He looks suspiciously at me and I know what’s coming – “Are YOU married?” Me: “No.” Bob: “Do you have a boyfriend?” Me: “No.” Bob: “You’re gonna be a widow!” Me desperately trying not to laugh:  “Um, you sorta have to be married first for that…” (I think he was trying to think of the word for spinster) Teehee! Thanks alot Bob! :p

I want to be like that little girl whose eyes shine when she points out the donut in the bakery case… delighting in little pleasures and enjoying every lick of chocolate frosting. 😀

Now is Gold Rush VBS 2011! Drama, music, crafts, snacks, truth about Jesus being learned, rain, posters, and lots ‘o bandanas, cowboy hats, and miners!

And you can’t forget the songs that are certain to be stuck in our heads for weeks… 😉

And now is 9:45 am which means I have to leave for work in 10 minutes… so I’ll just have to come back and finish this sometime. 😀 Cuz there is much more to say!


3 thoughts on “Now

  1. Good stuff, Krispie. I’ve been thinking a lot about this idea recently–of embracing life here and now. I feel like I always have to remind myself too. 🙂


  2. Good photo of you and your dad. Hope your VBS goes good. Just sent in my LBS application in. Getting excited about that!


    1. I just sent mine in too! I’m so excited that you’re coming!!!! I didn’t know if you were or not… are you driving or flying? Is Gena going? Maybe I should just text you 🙂


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