My Favorite Dad

Happy Father’s Day, to my favorite Dad!!

And since he’s somewhere between Massachusetts and Minnesota today… and not here for us to celebrate him in person, well we’ll just have to have our own belated Father’s Day! And Dad – we toasted to you at lunch today!!


Reposted from February 16, 2010 [birthday]

Today I’d like to honor a great man. He fights many battles, sacrifices and provides, and loves much.

He’s the one who drives the big, blue semi that we watch for out the window and he’s the one we run out to hug. He’s the one who sits in the kitchen putting in his contacts, as the morning coffee brews and grits cook on the stove. He’s the one who brings laughter and music to our house. He’s the one who gives the best bear hugs. He’s the one who works hard and knows how to do… practically everything. He’s the one who sits on the front porch and plays guitar on summer evenings. He’s the faithful, loyal husband who always comes home to his wife and family. He’s a nomad survival man. He keeps his head up and keeps on going, even when times get tough and all seems to be against him. (Tenacious is the perfect description ;)) He doesn’t give up, but keeps his faith in his Heavenly Father, even when life looks impossible.

He’s my Daddy.

Thank you Dad, for all you are in my life. Thank you for always being there when I need you… and for your strength! Thank you for teaching me how to drive (that definitely took courage and strong nerves!) and for letting me tag along to see the world through your semi windshield. Thank you for always wanting the best for me and for helping me take steps toward becoming an adult. (And for making me laugh when I sigh and ramble about various dramatics)

I’m so proud to call you my Daddy. I love you!!


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Dad

  1. Thank Kristin, that was very kind. It makes my heart swell to see the pic of 5 wonderful people doing the coffee toast. You guys are well worth the fight. Cheers!


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