Song & Picture Conglomerations

Pretty sooooooon, the calendar will turn over to June! (Where did May go? And so fast?) There will be graduations and congratulations! There will be CAMPING! (Yes I am majorly in the camping mood) There will be hugs for the best friend coming home! And there will be Gold Rush VBS in the park 😀

And as usual, since music just says it so well – a conglomeration of random selections from songs I like right now 😀

Are we willing to love like CRAZY?! With wild abandon and holding nothing back? Serving, giving, loving. Following God’s way may look pretty crazy sometimes. 😉

This song will. not. leave. my. head.

Call me crazy but what if we learn
To love our brother for nothing in return?
Reaching out to the ones who need help

Treating them as you first would treat yourself

It may just be crazy enough
To work if we could only love
What if we somehow changed the world?
It may just be crazy enough

Is it so strange to think that one day
we will truly see everyone the same
Oh could we be so kind? (could we be so kind?)
To sing along when life’s playing their tune

And cry with them when their hearts broken in two

[Crazy Enough, MercyMe]


Yup, still stuck on this song… it’s perfect for singing along with all the windows down on a warm summery day! Perfect for praising and worshiping! 😀 How can we be silent? Thank You Jesus, for the way that You love us!

Thank You for Your grace that has saved us
You forgave us
Thank You for the way You have freed us

We have been ransomed
We’ve been rescued, we’ve been purchased
With the price of Your own life
Thank You for the way that You love us!

Jesus, faithful King
Lord, with grateful hearts we sing
How great is the love
How great is the love
Of our Savior

[How Great is the Love, Meredith Andrews & Paul Baloche]

And just because poetic makes me smile 😀

Like a photograph to a smile
A runner to a mile
Like strings to a cello
Like a wave to a “Hello, how are you?”
Want to go together with You

Paint to a canvas
First day to nervous
Birthday to wish
Long distance call to I miss you
Want to go together with You

[Go Together, Jillian Edwards]

The first phrase has been running through my head alot lately. Let it be said of us that our hearts belonged to Jesus… Is it said of us?

Let it be said of us
That our hearts belonged to Jesus
Let it be said of us
That we spoke the words of life
Let it be said of us
That our heritage is blessing for life

[The Blessing, John Waller]

These words. Wow! So true and reviving and hope-giving.

Oh, but sometimes the sun stays hidden for years
Sometimes the sky rains night after night
When will it clear?

But our Hope endures the worst of conditions
It’s more than our optimism
Let the earth quake
Our Hope is unchanged

[Our Hope Endures, Natalie Grant]
No, this is not a tornado. It just looks like one!
Have a happy Saturday!

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