Ridge Happenings

Recent life happenings on the Ridge.
[partly for the Dad who didn’t get told goodbye until after he had left 😉 and because I’m in the picture mood]
Warning, oodles of pictures – so if you get bored with pictures or have a slow connection… don’t scroll down any farther 😉

Miss you Papagrande 😉

My most favoritest mamacita 😀

Make toast with strawberry jam for your brothers. It makes them happy! 😀 Then they turn around and try to attack you with swords, AFTER you made them toast – what’s up with that?!?! (hehe, so I told them to pretend they were so I could get a picture!! Good thing foam swords aren’t scary :p)


This poor little guy has painful looking sores on the back of his head. (Chicken pox? we’re not sure) He is currently mad at me because he wants the front door OPEN and I want it closed. (It’s cold outside, for pity sakes!) This morning as he was messing around trying to get “his” guitar out of the case, I asked him, “Whatcha doing?” He looks up and says very seriously, “I’m not stuck.” Haha!

I love him. 😀

This creative bug bit me lately, and the house is feeling the full effects of it. 😉 This poor neglected wall in the Gathering Room is finally somewhat finished. (What I really wanted to do is hang my old violin up but can’t figure out how – any ideas??)

This corner in my room needed a springy update. When in need of decorating greenery, just go pick some outside 😉


I discovered chalkboard paint and made a cute little chalkboard, only to promptly ruin it. (Don’t test it out with chalk until AFTER the second coat :() Some people learn the hard way, I guess.

Rose & I have been making oodles of flowers 😀 [We want to start selling them for fun- stay tuned]

Entry way: I need to buy Mom more clothespins now 😉 Oh this just makes me happy every time I look at it!

So fun to change the quotes/verses every so often. It’s good to have daily reminders!


The grapes are thriving in all their blue wind tent glory 😀 (All 178 of them)


Sunny and warm enough for pants on the line!


Lovin’ the dogwoods & lilacs & butterflies & GREEN! Now if only the daisies would start popping up along the road…



Kudos if you made it this far!


8 thoughts on “Ridge Happenings

  1. I love the pictures! There so Kristin! 🙂 I just might try some of those crafts. If you don’t mind me copying you? 😉 And thanks again for listning to my sob story last night! It was greatly appreciated! 🙂


    1. ‘Course I don’t mind!! (I got most of the ideas from somewhere else, so copy to your heart’s content) 🙂 And you’re welcome!! I thought & thought about it the whole way home… Let’s sit on that couch again next week 🙂 🙂


  2. What it sounds like your looking for is a wall-mounted-instrument stand. You could google-image it, or look on a site like “Shar”. Sometimes they’re called “String Swings”. Just be aware that the safest place for your violin is in it’s case, and being *out* of it’s case, exposed to more extreme temperature and humidity changes, the possibility of falling, the odd ball being tossed, shifting foundation, and other factors, potentially can and *do* cause damage. Just so you know 🙂


  3. Thanks for the info!! This violin isn’t playable anymore – it has various issues, one of which is the bridge is broken. I’ve had it fixed before but it just had the same problems again and it’s not worth spending the money to fix it again… I have a newer, much better violin now and this one just sits in the case all the time. I’ll have to check out your recommendations!


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