I’m sitting on my bed with a bowl of Broccoli Ramon Noodle salad and Dove chocolate. With brown sweatshirt comfiness and mismatched fuzzy socks keeping my freezing toes warm. The house is quiet. My phone buzzes every couple minutes. My heart smiles tonight.

So many words inside. I should title this The Post That’s Been Written a Dozen Times [In My Head]. The words don’t come out for awhile sometimes. But that’s okay. 🙂

I’m just diving into chapter three of One Thousand Gifts. I love how Ann weaves in grace and thanksgiving and joy, as she shares her journey of discovering a life of living fully! Powerful words. So much truth and life are packed into every line. She begins by talking about how we live tired and afraid. Anxious and weary. So how exactly does one live fully and keep one’s heart alive? In the midst of joys and sorrows and highs and lows and what-in-the-world-is-going-on-here-God? moments… it’s hard. But there is a way to live fully alive, right where we are. Read the book 😀 It has inspired and challenged and amazed me! (And I’m only on chapter 3)

Living fully alive.

It’s raising your hands in the midst of intense waiting times and praising the God who is faithful. It’s running down the street to work, finishing the last two bites of your banana and just making it in the door with one minute to spare. It’s trying not to laugh when the bank teller guy tries (not very successfully) to subtly flirt with you. It’s choosing to feel, even when the feelings don’t feel so nice. It’s walking with your little brother and picking little purple flowers and singing silly songs. It’s cappuccino muffins that look pretty and taste like nothing. 😉 (Oh well)


Living fully. It’s a little bud – surrounded by dozens of other daffodils that are already blooming – just waiting for its time to open and become fully, beautifully ALIVE. It’s growing. It’s swelling and ready to burst. Almost.


Living fully. It’s being okay with wrestling. Life is messy. It’s a blackened field when the fire rages out of control. It’s days you can’t smile and teary prayers and heavy burdens. It’s whys and doubts and it’s-too-hard-to-believe-anymore feelings. It’s weariness and battle scars from fighting. But it’s also — green grass thriving in the midst of the scorched barren sod… quenched flames… victories won… getting back up to keep on going… and rest deep within.


Living fully is being real and honest and vulnerable. It’s loving people with everything that’s in you. It’s helping those who need a boost and celebrating milestones with those around you and worshiping the One who made you! It’s keeping hope alive and not despairing and believing truth. It’s sitting at Bob Evans and talking about everything under the sun with your best friend. It’s taking pictures with adorable little two-year-old girls. (Who say “cheese!” :D)

Living fully is not caring about looking conspicuous while pushing a big ‘ol cartload of milk. 😉 It’s polka dotted flip flops and hilarious conversations that make you giggle and coffee shop pictures – with no coffee?!?!


Living fully is loving Jesus with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength! It’s telling everyone around you about His healing touch and saving power. It’s living with unclenched fists. Open hands and a trusting heart. It’s throwing up your hands in joy and bowing your knees in surrender. It’s realizing that your life is SO much bigger than yourself… it’s about serving others and loving fully and living every moment to the honor and glory of God!

And when someone tells you I love you bigger than the sky – smile and soak it in. 😀

Jesus, keep my heart alive
Keep my heart alive
Only You can save me when my hope is fading and I’m losing the fight

(Sanctus Real song I discovered while Googling ‘heart alive quotes’)

Keep your heart alive!! Live fully!! Fight on!!


9 thoughts on “Fully ALIVE

  1. Kristen…love your posts….and your heart 🙂 i’m reading One Thousand Gifts right now also..think i’m on about chapter 5 but, WOW, was inspired from the first sentence…was such a challenge for me to think about Living Fully even though our lives have gone down paths of tragedy and pain that we never expected and to choose to live radiantly for Christ instead of becoming bitter, and to thank Him for each gift, large or small along the way even on the hurting days……keep writing…you have made me smile many times…you have a beautiful gift!


  2. The cart load of milk cracks me up!! I had to go grocery shopping for mom once and I ended up with 2 BIG cart loads of groceries. I felt VERY conspicuous!!! 🙂


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