Sabbath Rest & How to Just Be

Started this yesterday afternoon and didn’t get it finished until now…

Sunny, warm, and 80 degrees… can’t get much better than that!! šŸ˜€ Today is an out-of-the-box kind of Sunday. No church this morning – instead we were to observe a Sabbath rest. [Sleeping in, sitting around talking with your family and drinking coffee, enjoying the outdoors, reading, listening to or making music, walking, etc – whichever way you chose to rest and be refreshed and enjoy God’s creation] Then we are having an evening service at 5:30 tonight – to see how being rested affects the way we worship. (This is a result of Marcus’ sermon from Hebrews 3 & 4 a few weeks ago)

I’ve had an amazing Sabbath so far! Sleeping until I was done sleeping (never mind what time), sitting around talking, yummy lunch, skype talking with a kindred spirit friend, soaking up the warm sun with my journal & God & a malted milkshake, and just resting and refreshing my spirit…


So often we get so caught up in doing & going & analyzing & worrying & not doing something wrong & rushing here & getting through this or that, that we forget to just be.

We forget to let life happen and progress and enjoy it for what it is, right where we’re at. Live in NOW. I don’t want to miss it when I’m buried in the feeling-so-lost kind of weeks. So I’m trying to keep on living and taking in the moments. (Even when it seems gray and cloudy and dreary) Keep on lifting my head and hands heavenward… keep on praising… keep on hoping… keep on looking for the sun. It will come out, eventually. šŸ˜€

My life’s not horrible. Really, it’s not. šŸ˜€

Someone told me to look for the God moments… so I am. (And these are very much my Kristin version of living life fully – yours are different, I’m sure ;))

Sending prayers heavenward while vacuuming crumbs under church pews… while scrubbing dishes at Sips… in the middle of the night… all the time, actually.

Singing sappy moon songs and twirling under the balmy 70 degree night sky at midnight [and squealing ecstaticly over texts while hugging my best friend goodbye ;)]

Chatting about cool old juke box songs with the white haired ice cream shop owner who looks JUST like Mr. Whittaker…

Oooohing and ahhhhing over Rose’s beautiful satin flower creations.

Sitting in a huge Catholic church [with a-mazing acoustics and gorgeous architecture] and feeling my heart soar to the words of ‘How Deep the Father’s Love For Us.’

Isaac’s words – “I like Kristin!” šŸ˜€

Hugs and caring about friend’s hearts and sharing their joys and pain… and in return they care about and encourage mine šŸ™‚

Sitting in a small circle, talking on a heart level about how we’re all made differently and how to pursue true beauty and what we need prayer for – bonding as sisters in Jesus. [I love you girls!]

Hearing and learning from women who are more mature and wise than me while scrubbing walls and windows…

Worship times in my car… “Jesus!! Worthy is the Lamb that was slain for us – Son of God and Man – You are high and lifted up that all the world might praise Your Great Name!!!” [Natalie Grant] Hearing the perfect song on the radio at the exact time I needed to hear it…

Sitting on my bed eating Sweet Ham Buns & chocolate at strange hours with one of my most favorite people – alternately laughing and crying šŸ˜€

Looking at my daddy’s many earthy projects with him under the morning sun- tilled ground for raspberry plants and baby chicks in their new home

Officially meeting the best friend’s boyfriend… (he approves of me – *whew* šŸ˜€ hehe!!)

Congratulating the big “little” brother who is now officially 15 1/2 [yikes! scariness!! stay off the road! kidding – he’s safe ;)]

Acknowledging what I lack and desire and long for… and finding the place of being okay without.


4 thoughts on “Sabbath Rest & How to Just Be

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog.=) they are always inspiring. I had to chuckle what you said about our Favorite spot in MT.Vernon, +) We have to go there again “very” Soon………
    I also “loved” our Sunday and hope we do it more. I kept wanting to work though.=( but I would have to talk my self out of it=)


    1. šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€
      “And I haven’t opened it up yet but I’ll look back and laugh I’ll bet…”
      You’re one of my favoritest people ever- thanks for caring šŸ˜€


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