People intrigue me. So much variance and diversity! I see so many faces every day – at work, in town, at church, in the coffee shop, walking down the street… Everywhere. They reflect a whole spectrum of stories and experiences and emotions and life.

A few of the faces I see-

*Cheerful old man who comes in for coffee refills twice a day, and always sends a cheery good morning, how are you doing? or a funny little wink your way… he always has a smile.

*He sits on the padded pew every Sunday- the weight of the world burdening down his shoulders and a row of children sitting next to him. His face exudes turmoil and unrest inside.

*Friendly young saleslady dressed femininely in pink & gray at the local country decor storeshe has peace and joy written all over her countenance and it makes me want to smile & connect with her. She radiates Jesus…

*The sad, hopeless face of the 6oish cashier who works the evening shift at Walmart always breaks my heart. He stops my friend & I whenever he sees us and asks us questions… he tells us he’s done too many bad things and it’s too late for him… he hears our words that it’s not too late & there is hope through Jesus, but he doesn’t believe them.

*She opens the door and we chat for a few minutes, after I deliver what I had come to drop off. Her face is at rest, because she is choosing joy and thankfulness, even when life circumstances seem to be less than ideal.

*The-Lady-Who-Never-Smiles is what we always called her whenever she came through the drive through for her morning latte. No matter how friendly you were and how much you smiled at her, she never would smile back.

*She’s one of those waitresses that takes really good care of you –  her eyes are happy, yet her face is weary. She has a story that I’ve just seen a tiny little glimpse of. I am happy to see her again and she is happy to see me!

*He’s the epitome of 16-year-old confidence. On top of the world and always right [to the point of arrogance], even though he’s on the bottom of the so-called ladder. There is insecurity shoved down far below that face of confidence.

*Tears roll down her face as she expresses deep burdens. We sit in the coffee shop – listening and crying and praying. And after the prayer is finished, there is peace written all over her face.

*She has a run-down, weary body that is confined to a wheelchair, living way back in the country. Her face is lined – the discovery that she is a photographer who went to art school and had her own darkroom surprises me. I hear hints of bitterness in her words, yet eagerness to connect.

*A 70+ year-old man wanders around town, from the gas station to the restaurant to the barber to the post office. No real purpose to his life – nothing to really live for. He craves and thrives on attention.

*She is a 13-year-old city girl trying to give the impression that she’s twenty. Her eyes don’t give any hint to what she’s thinking or feeling, and her whole being gives off signals of I’m tough and nothing can touch me! Since she’s bigger than me, I easily forget that she’s only 13. She’s a little girl desperately trying to maneuver a big, scary world.

Faces.  This is just the tip of the iceberg – if you open your eyes, you’ll see them all around you. They’re everywhere.

[photo credits to Andrea Esh – Lancaster Bible School]

Are we seeing the faces around us? Are we recognizing them for who they really are, and not how they appear? They are precious and valued and treasured.

What faces do you see around you?


One thought on “Faces

  1. I sat beside an elegant Mennonite woman who radiated peace. Her baby didn’t cry on the plane.

    I saw helplessness in the teenager’s aching eyes. Because of his father’s addiction, this boy has vowed to never touch a drop of beer.

    I saw the sick smile of a sexual offender.

    When my mother asked me to come home, I heard the loneliness in her voice.

    As his bride approached, the groom lit with knowing. I was glad to see him smile.

    In your words, I saw the face of Love.


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