Undeserved Grace

Yesterday I witnessed an interesting situation.

Long story made short:

I’m not God, so I can’t read the intents or motivations of the heart, but here’s what happened, for what it’s worth. Two young ladies called first and then came in, claiming that their food had been messed up the day before and that they had been promised free food the next day and that a woman had been extremely rude to them. We must give them free stuff!! Or else!! Well. Their story and the actual facts of the situation didn’t line up. (No females working at the time they said it happened, etc.) Little details of their story kept changing, yet they got more and more ticked off and insisting on these free drinks. From their body language and their faces, they didn’t appear to be telling the truth. (But like I said, I’m not God so I can’t judge) So what do you do? Our word against theirs.

Honestly, their behavior really disgusted me. And it annoyed me enough that I didn’t want to even look at them.

God, give me grace to love.

They got their wish. As they were standing there waiting for their free X-tall caramel white chocolate lattes, an older businessman (that they knew) came up to the counter and pulled $8.00 out of his wallet. He laid it on the counter and told me, “This is for whatever they want!” and then went back to wherever he had been sitting. It didn’t seem like he even had a clue about the whole situation that was going on.

Suddenly their whole demeanor changed and they were so flustered, they hardly knew what to do with themselves. They acted almost guilty, and couldn’t believe that he was being so generous and nice to them, and kept expressing it aloud.

Later I was thinking about the whole thing. And then it hit me…

That’s me. So often I try to barge ahead and get what I want, and do it my own way and how I think it would benefit me. When all along, there is a kind gentleman just waiting to pay. Just because He wants to! How often do I miss out on the really good stuff, just by being impatient and untrusting? Then when He does pay (even in the midst of my blundering mess) well then I feel so undeserving of His gift, that I can hardly accept it.

God, You give us grace even when we don’t deserve it. Thank You!


5 thoughts on “Undeserved Grace

  1. Wow, this is really good! Sometimes God gives us situations or lets us see situations so that we can be reminded of what He does for us. =) Thanks for this post; it was very encouraging!


  2. Wow! That guys response is amazing- especially if he saw & heard the whole thing transpire… I like how you make the analogy between us and God… as I shared the story with a friend we talked about how slow we are to extend ‘extravagant grace’ to others… Thanks Kristin! It’s a great reminder to be a messenger of God’s grace by extending His grace to others!


  3. i get to deal with those situations at work to. not fun! 😦 and it’s really hard NOT to judge them. but God sees the heart. i love the lesson that you brought out of it. 🙂 your really good at that! 🙂


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