My Red Day

Oh the irony. I think God has a strange sense of humor sometimes… like I’ll surrender something, then I’ll turn around and be faced with a situation that tests it. Or I’ll blog about being joyful in all circumstances and then get whammed (out of the blue) with miserable sickness. Two days before I leave for the South Carolina prison crusade. 😦 My human side kicks and screams, “God…. noooooo! I can’t get sick now! Who will pick Naomi up at the airport tomorrow afternoon? And why does another wave of snow have to come through tomorrow?  I don’t need to be sick AND have to deal with bad weather again! You called me to go… how can I go and serve if I’m sick??”

And then God’s Spirit inside me reminds me that it’s out of my hands. That maybe I needed to be sick so I would slow down and spend more time in the Word & in prayer & preparing myself spiritually, rather than just physically. If God called me to go, then He will be big enough to take care of me and heal my aching body. I’m trying to believe this. (It’s rather hard sometimes in the midst of a drippy nose and violent sneezing and achy skin.)

So instead of singing under Jason or James’ song leading, Chris Tomlin is my worship leader. (Yeah, I’m still stuck on that amazing Our God is Greater album. It’s sad that there’s only one more library renewal possible) Instead of youth girl’s Sunday School with Gloria or interesting discussion of Matthew 5 led by Gerald, I pray in the shower and read the Psalms. Instead of enjoying the carry-in with friends like Julie or Willie or Rachel, I’m having tea and toast by myself. Oh wait, I forgot that these characters joined me. Teehee! (The Winnie the Pooh fan in our house likes to line Tigger & Co. in the kitchen)

(Sometimes Eeyore seems like a kindred spirit on gloomy days.)

But today is not gloomy – I’m making it a vibrant red day!

(My cheery red bandana dress that should be retired because I’ve had it forever and ever and it has holes in odd places, but I love it too much to throw it away!! :D)

“Answer me when I call You, O my righteous God. Give me relief from my distress; be merciful to me and hear my prayer. Let the light of Your face shine upon us, O Lord. You have filled my heart with greater joy than when their grain and new wine abound.” (Psalm 4:1, 6-7)

Edit: Yay!! My family just came home with a box of amazing California oranges and season 3 of The Waltons. 😀

And by the way, I did not write this for anyone to feel sorry for me. Please don’t! 😀 I just felt like rambling!


5 thoughts on “My Red Day

  1. Jesse’s chai inspired me to make oolong tea, see how far reaching your influence is…. 🙂 doesn’t influence always seems to go farther than we think? Thanks for the lovely chat and for saying you’re not sorry at all for having a prphet mom and listening to my heart rejoice at what I found today… I think you should keep the dress as long as possible with such lovely memories in it…and yeah, popcorn coming up soon.


  2. Hey, I’m inspired to get a cup of Pilot Columbian/Hazelnut coffee here in Muskogee, OK. (Why is there snow everywhere here?) P.S. I know what you could recycle the dress into……


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