Like Joseph

Last June I had the opportunity to go see the Sight and Sound drama about the life of Joseph. To put it mildly, it was amazing. I laughed and cried and felt like I was living the life of Joseph. It was so real! And it was full of so many different themes – forgiveness and redemption and hope and dreams and faithfulness. (I think everyone from our group took something different home)

The most vivid mental picture that stuck in my mind was from the dungeon scene. The poor man had already been through so much – ridicule from his older brothers, being sold into slavery, unjust accusation of Potiphar’s wife which landed him in jail, and unfulfilled promises from the cupbearer. From Joseph’s perspective, it very well could have looked completely hopeless. He could’ve given into despair and given up all hope and faith he ever had in God. And maybe he did at times – the Bible doesn’t say. The way they portrayed it in the drama was this: he hung onto his faith and did not give up his trust in his heavenly Father! There was a great quote that I wish I could remember – something about him hanging onto the hope that he will see the sunshine again, and that he must be faithful in the circumstances that God put him in… Even the cold, dark dungeon. God did come through for him, and eventually fulfill his dreams. He did it in a way that Joseph would never have imagined!

It was so inspiring. 😀 (I think I stumbled out of there in a daze… because the whole drama seemed like it was just for me. Then someone else said the exact same thing!)

Something else hit me at the end… I could sit there in my comfy seat and watch the whole drama playing out before my eyes. I already knew the story of Joseph, so I knew what was going to happen. I knew that he was going to go through all those hard things, and when he was in the dungeon, I knew that he wasn’t going  to be in there forever. I knew that he would become the most powerful man in Egypt… I knew everything that was going to happen to him. But Joseph didn’t know. He had to trust God and live completely by faith.

Sounds kinda like my life. And yours. God knows how every scene and twist in our lives are going to turn out, and how they will tie together in the end. If we’re in the dungeon, He knows why. Sometimes just to build character in us. Sometimes it’s because it’s part of our story. We can’t always see or understand, but He does.

Now’s the hard part. Being faithful where God has us now and trusting that God knows exactly what He’s doing. Just like Joseph.


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