The World Outside My Window

I’m not going to complain and I’m not going to grumble. I decided way back in December that worrying and complaining about snow this winter is not going to help matters any… If I get stuck, then I just get stuck. It happens. I do have one tiny little wish, though.

*tiny voice* Mr Snowplow Driver, can you please plow by 7 am?

I thought about that as I scrambled into the ditch as the snowplow came toward me, then kept on trudging up the quiet, snow-covered road toward home, once he was past me. “A little late there buddy…” I just had to call over my shoulder. I don’t think he heard me. :p I’m taking donations for a four-wheel drive vehicle 😀 Dad suggested a knight in shining armor but none ever seem to be around when I’m in dire need of help! :p

So… instead of work, it’s a snuggly sweatshirt and cup of coffee at home. Listening to Isaac bounce around exclaiming “Camping! Camping!!” Ted’s gearing up for his Boy Scout Klondike camping expedition this weekend… it’s the tough man stuff aka I-can-survive-the-wilderness-and-cold-and-live-to-tell-about-it. I’m very proud of him for his fortitude in going, but I would much rather spend the 4* night in my warm house, thank you very much.

Only 9 more weeks ’til spring!!


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