Strange Combinations

This morning was dreary and bleary… as in, waking up five minutes after the last alarm went off and desperately hoping that it was Sunday so I wouldn’t have to get up and go to work. Ohhhhh I wanted to keep on sleeping. But no, it was Saturday, and it was 6:20 am, and I should’ve already been up for 20 minutes. The drive was okay, but the warm air keeping my hands warm made me drowsy. And then there was the bitter cold run from my car to the warmness of inside.

Today in phrases… however oxymoronic they may seem.

Sleepiness and lots of coffee.

Feeling out of “control” and peace gently appearing.

Chic young lady treating two homeless men with dignity and kindness… even though they smell and may not be the most discreet at times.

Swallowing pride and laughing at one self’s silly mistakes.

Gummy worms and blurry contacts.

Thrilling library discoveries… and then discovering that the returns never made past the front seat of the car.

Reevaluating use of social media, yet continuing deep connections with people.

Relaxing on the couch with a cozy blanket & book and then there’s the hyper giggling little brother with the orange balloon behind the couch.

Crackling bullfrog voice and vigorous I-have-to-sing-with-my-new-library-music singing 😉

Discussing and listening to thoughts about communist governments and scary times… while half asleep. Ok. Mostly listening.

Pizza and chai.

Intense into The Gift of Fear when the door flies opens and scares the living daylights out of (guess who)…

Today. My life.


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