Every Moment

Perspective. Seeing each moment as a gift and an opportunity is so important.

This morning: Clogged up throat. Band-aided cut fingers that make normal tasks (such as typing) difficult. Voice that is shockingly low. Drippy nose and bass cough. The desire to stay in bed and not get up.

But there was also: A hot shower. Delicious coffee courtesy of mamacita. A wood stove to sit by and eat corn mush and read portions of Romans and 2 Corinthians. Lilting pennywhistle music by Ted and piano music by Rose. Hilarious discovery of a check from 2007 that I never cashed. Funny little brothers who don’t understand why you don’t put honey in hot chocolate. šŸ˜€

Last night was a wonderfully encouraging night, with to-die-for Pioneer Woman cinnamon rolls, steaming hot coffee, and taking up residence in “our” little corner of Timmy’s. And there were also three best friends, laughter, pertinent topics studied, and challenges received by our hearts. Oh, and servanthood practiced. šŸ˜‰

Tonight I will wash dishes, mop floors, clean bathrooms, make food and hot drinks for hungry people, and try not to cough too much and dread the snowy drive home. (It’s also called work)

Some moments and days may seem more pleasurable or be happier to live through… other days will be gray and gloomy. They just will. And I don’t think we have to feel happy all the time (it’s not a Pollyanna world after all) or be jumping up and down with excitement when we’re in the midst of something hard. God understands our frailty and how we will struggle… but we can live each moment fully, and recognize the growth and strength and character that can come out of moments that we deem unpleasurable or just plain icky.

John Stam, a missionary to China, wrote this eight months before communists beheaded him and his wife Betty:

“It is well to remember that God’s supervision is so blessedly true that at any given moment we may stop, and whether we face suffering or joy, times of intense activity and responsibility or times of rest and leisure, whatever we may face we may say, “For this cause came I unto this hour.” All of our social, church, and family background, all of our training, conscious and unconscious, has been to prepare us to meet the present circumstances, and to meet them to the glory of His name. This will bring us to our tasks relieved of a shrinking that would unnerve us.”

Wow. What a challenge to look at each moment, hour, day, and season of life with fullness and expectancy and openness of heart, instead of something to just get through and survive… God may have brought you to that awful stressful time of your life for a special purpose. Or maybe He’s going to do a miracle, when the circumstances seem completely impossible. There can be joy in the hard moments, as well as the happy ones. šŸ˜€

Life is for living fully, with passion and joy and delight!


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