Random Quotes

A compilation of quotes from the last few weeks:

Would you dare, would you dare to believe?? That you’ve still got a reason to sing… [heard on the radio yesterday -Before the Morning, Josh Wilson]

“I just discovered a new perfume scent for coffee lovers. It’s called spill a mug of scalding coffee all over your lap while you’re driving! It’s a very stunning experience!” [text from Naomah this morning, who is okay with me posting it here :)]

“Why did the boys have to get the dimples? They don’t even care!!” [me lamenting the unfairness of brothers having dimples]

“Good night sister… you’re the only one I can say that to!” [Rose to me last night]

“Cause this is not about what you’ve done.. but what’s been done for you.
This is not about where you’ve been… but where your brokenness brings you to…” [You Are More, Tenth Avenue North]

Because life is too short for bad coffee… [the coffee bag I brought home for Dad]

“Did you forget your shoes?” [call from Kathi after I left the bowling alley. Oops.] *insert hysterical laughter*

“What would happen to our community if we would live as if Jesus truly died for us?” [Marcus Yoder as he was preaching on Sunday]

“Fourth turning stuff. Light becomes brighter, dark tries harder to overwhelm. Be a hero for Light!” [Dad in a text to me]

“When I think of you I smile. I smile because I love the delight you take in so many things: coffee beans, polka dots, leaves, colors, baby feet… :D” [a tiny part of a very sweet card I got in the mail from Texas!]

“There’s a surprise outside!” [Mom says to me with a little smile, 6:45 am on Saturday morning as I come stumbling up the stairs before work] “Yeah it snowed…???” I didn’t think this was all that exciting. I look outside the window and see a big blue semi. “DAD’S HOME?!?!?!”

“I believe God allows us to go through trials and hard things in life, so we can identify with other people.” [Martin Mann during the Monday night evangelism class]

“Dad? Can you come rescue me?” [me on the phone on Saturday night. Yup, halfway up a dumb snowy hill again. And this picture is from last Feb, and is not “the” hill] Later: “Thanks for being my hero!”

“Wearing green today?” [Isaac to Jesse, before he left for work Monday morning.]

“That’s the Dad and Kristin seat…” [someone remarking about how we always sat in the same places on the loveseat during the LOTR marathon] “No, it’s the mercy seat!” Mom remarked. Hilarious laughter because it’s true. (We’re the two resident mercies in the family)

“There’s no such thing as coincidence. Wait. Right??” [Me making a very firm statement that turned into a question when I learned that my wise mother may believe differently, at the beginning of a discussion about coincidences and various other subjects at the Sunday dinner table.] “Oh just go back to looking up the definition of ‘curious’!” says Dad. Haha! Okay, you sorta had to be there šŸ˜€

“Put aside the ranger – become the man you were born to be!!” [Elrond to Aragorn in LOTR. More recently – quoted dramatically during the Sunday dinner conversation]

“Who’s the nicest person in church?” [Marcus on Sunday :D]

“Hello Saint Kristin!” [Leo on Sunday] “I am NOT a saint!!” says me. “Yes you are… a saint is anyone who has been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.” he says. “Oh. Well in that case, you’re a saint too!”

“Well, I guess we definitely made a memory…” [Alicia to me after a very awkward encounter at Jitters]

“Kiss??” [Isaac to me this morning, and then proceeded to do so. I quickly learned that it was an bribery effort so I’d let him have the bread dough spoon. Picture from a few weeks ago…]

“Our stories matter… your stories matter… for you just never know how much of a difference they may make, and to whom.” [The Power to Write, by Caroline Joy Adams]

“Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God; may Your good Spirit lead me on level ground.” [Psalm 130:5-6]

“Yup, us two cheesy lovebirds are still back here…” šŸ˜€ [an amusing remark made when I innocently glanced back at the couple walking behind me during Christmas caroling. hehe!]

“I’m trying to look for the opportunities in every day – the every day opportunities that I would miss if I wouldn’t have them. Like right now I have the opportunity to sit here and talk to you – you’re still living at home, you’re not at work or out with friends, you’re awake, and you’re sitting here.” [Mom to me last night]

“I thought Krispie looked like a little lost puppy… which was endearing cuz that’s what I felt like too :D” [from a hilarious conversation about our first impressions of each other at EBI two years ago]

“Gender reflects something about the glory of God. And God’s enemy, Satan, wishes to destroy glory. The evil one cannot destroy God; therefore he tries to destroy the reflection of God. His prime way of attempting to destroy glory is to make it too frightening to be truly a man or a woman and to offer counterfeit routes to live out gender.” [quote by Allender and Longman that I discovered recently]

“You know what’s harder than a hard day’s work? Going to a wedding and watching somebody else get married!” [said by an anonymous person who then followed it with a dramatic sigh, making the rest of the people in the room laugh quite loudly! hehehe… and it was not me who said it]

“You know how weird that looks? It looks like you’re foretelling her future…” [Phil or somebody at the New Year’s Eve party, about the way Jolene was massaging my head.] Jo whispers hilarious predictions in my ear and I laugh out loud! “More, more!!” I say. Laughter!!

“Such a Kristin thing to do…” [Julie said this last week – and you saying that totally made my night Julie!!]

“If you pick up pictures for me on your way home, I’ll give you lots of chocolate… :D” [a pleading text to Jesse one afternoon]

“Think of it as an adventure!” [Grace to me, about not knowing what the future holds]

“Hope your drive home goes okay!” [me in a text to Jesse this evening, cuz I felt sorry for him having to drive home from work in the cold and snow.] “It went fine, I made it home ok ;)” he replied. From my rocking chair by the woodstove, “What?!” Apparently he was home already and I never found out! :p

If you are reading this, you are supposed to comment and add your own! Yes – YOU! šŸ˜€ Go ahead – make my day!


4 thoughts on “Random Quotes

  1. “I figured you knew, since you’re Esta and seem to perceive almost everything”


    “the most obvious?”
    Bahahahahahah šŸ˜‰

    And your Moms quote to you last night made the top. That is so special.


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