How I Feel God

Often I wish that God would be more tangible – that I could see Him and sit across from Him (pelting Him with questions probably) and hear Him speaking audible words to me. Oh, I know that He did send Jesus down to take on human flesh, so we could know God. But I live in 2011, not 30 A.D.

Then I wonder how I really would have reacted if I would’ve lived back when Jesus walked on this earth. Sure, I would have had the experience of seeing Him with my own eyes. I might have had the opportunity to become His disciple and follow Him, listening to His teachings and watching Him heal people. I might even have been part of the story of His life, like Mary Magdalene, when she washed His feet with her tears.

But I also could’ve been a doubting Thomas or a betraying Judas. Would I have struggled to believe that He really was the Son of God, if I would’ve seen Him in His human body? It still would’ve taken faith to believe that He was who He said He was. Just like it still does today.

So even though I can’t see God as a form or being with my eyes, there are so many other places and ways I can see Him and feel Him. Every day. Everywhere.

He is right there beside us on the little couch at Jitters…

I can almost hear His laughter while sipping coffee and trading embarrassing crazy moments with Shelly! And I know He was sitting in one of the armchairs in Grace’s living room on Tuesday afternoon. He even sent me flowers at work yesterday via a very sweet friend πŸ˜€

His comfort can feel like my Dad’s arms when tears won’t go away. He gives me promises, even when He already knows that I will struggle to believe them. His embrace can feel a lot like my Georgia friend’s marvelous hugs…

[Bonus picture that I discovered on my camera that totally makes me laugh! Hi Leo!]

He faithfully allows the sun to rise and set everyday. He gives us the gift of life, every time we wake up in the morning. He brings grace and strength to our weaknesses. He touches our pain and heals our brokenness. He is okay with our big, huge messes. And He makes Himself known in so many ways! I believe this. But just like the days of 30 A.D. when Jesus physically walked the earth, I still have to choose to believe that He is who He says He is. The same way they had to believe back then.

How do you feel and sense God around you?


6 thoughts on “How I Feel God

  1. Wow…i love this! So true…we can feel/see God in so many ways, if we open our eyes to it. I love you!
    oh and that pic with Leo made me grin! πŸ˜€


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