New Year’s Prayer

We’re standing on the threshold of 2011. Fresh, crisp, and brand spankin’ new. Untainted and full of possibilities.

There is potential for many things.
Growth. Deep joy. Grief and pain. Change. Risk. Dreams coming true. New things. Freedom. Struggles. Growth. Passion. Tears. Love.

Dear God,

Thank You for your faithfulness and love for us, undeserving sinners that we are. Help us to live in true victory and freedom this year… Restore us to the joy of our salvation, and renew a right spirit within us. Bring light to our dark places and peace to our confusion. Dispel any lies that we are believing, that we may shine with the light of Your truth. Fill us with Your passion and Your joy, so we radiate Your love. Heal our brokenness, and redeem our mistakes and our pain. Help us to follow You with complete trust and faith this year.



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