Life Is Like A Book

Did you know that if you start looking for them, there are spiritual analogies everywhere? Or am I the only one who sees them in strange places? Sometimes it gets to the point where I can’t even peel potatoes without thinking about the parallels… (like, oh my life is just like this potato – all kinds of bruises and bad spots, and then Jesus has to come and pare and peel them away. And ouch, it hurts sometimes when he has to take the sharp knife to an especially bad spot.) And then I realize that I just compared myself to a potato.

Ah yes. Life is like… a whole lot of things.

Life is like taking a long journey… sometimes we plod along, one foot in front of the other, justbarely missing the bumpy, rough spots. It’s all we can to keep going. Sometimes the path is smooth and we skip along, enjoying the scenery along the way.

It can also be compared to a dance, a rainy day, a garden, and my personal favorite this year:

Life is like a rollercoaster… just when you seem to be riding along smoothly up at the top, WHOOSH, there’s another twist and another turn, and down you go again. Instead of screaming I WANNA GET OFF (like I do sometimes, but not literally of course)… well, just hang on and enjoy the ride!! šŸ˜‰

Life is like a book.

God holds the pen and enscribes each part, line by line, sentence by sentence, chapter by chapter. He knows my story in its entirety before it even began, and He knows exactly how everything in its plot ties together. Every single detail is important, because everything He writes in my life book has a purpose.

I tend to get really impatient and start wishing He would write faster, so I could turn the page and see how the next chapter begins… šŸ˜€ Or I start asking Him, “God, why in the world did you write this ______ into this chapter? Does it have anything to do with what will happen later in the book?” Then I start thinking about how nice it would be if He’d hurry up so I can see what the outcome of my story will be. (Or at least what’s going to happen next!) Then I have to remember that it’s still in progress. He’s still writing and editing it, one sentence at a time. It really is amazing how He weaves such tiny details together (that may not make any sense at the time) and the end result is a beautiful story. Of miracles, mistakes, redemption, and of His perfect design and orchestration.

There is No One I would rather have write my story.


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