Why I’m Rich

Every time we watch It’s a Wonderful Life, this quote always stands out to me:

Remember, no man is a failure who has friends.

I’m rich πŸ˜€

Rachel & Naomah… the two best friends in the world πŸ˜€

Willie dear… Dee & Amy – my coffee shop friends πŸ˜€

Amy!! Oregon is too far from Ohio 😦

Ashley… my cousin!

Some cute youth cowgirls πŸ˜€ Julie, Willie, Rach, Sherrisa, and Jo. And not to forget those of you who aren’t in the picture – Mairi, Sheenie, Shelly, Jenny, and Lisha!

My sweet southern friend, Nicole!

My dear, sweet kindred spirit Naomi! (who lives way too far away from me)

Esta darling!

Canoe trip people… whom I had so much fun with!

My dear friend Kayla!


And there are so many more of you that I don’t have pictures of…

I am blessed πŸ˜€


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